Case Studies

I often get asked what a session with me looks and feels like, so I invited 3 people to experience their first ever 90 minute Healing and Clarity Session with me and then share their experiences with you!

A typical session will unfold with the healing component first for 45minutes (offline), followed by the 45minute mentoring and coaching component afterwards (via Zoom). This second component is the part you will see recorded here, as well as a discussion about their experience.

Please note, that in any healing, coaching or mentoring session – no two sessions are ever the same. These are just examples of what may be possible. Your session may be completely different in outcome and experience based on your needs and intention at the time. Longer and Bespoke Packages may also unfold slightly differently too.

Please also note, that these sessions were intended to be recorded and shared with full permission from the participants. Some sessions have been edited to maintain some aspects of privacy as requested by participants. 
Normal sessions are fully and completely confidential.

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