End of Year Reflections Bundle

$14 (AUD)

At the end of the year do you ever feel a sense of overwhelm or anxiety about the year that has been and the year that is to come?

Perhaps you are exhausted (not only from the year itself) but the end of year chaos that somehow zaps all of your energy and focus!

With this bundle – you are invited to stop and take a breath. Carve out small amount of time at the end of the year (or even at the beginning of the new year if you prefer) to drop into your inner wisdom, reflect, release and renew.

This bundle includes:

  • A beautiful letting go meditation, created by me with gentle background music, to support the release of anything you don’t wish to carry forward into the year ahead.
  • A beautiful 13 page workbook that you can print out and fill out at you leisure (with a cup of tea and some dark chocolate on hand if you wish!)

May it inspire you to honour all that has been – and set intentions for what you would like to call in for the year ahead, and leave you feeling grounded and centred as the new year begins. You deserve it! xx

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