How will you be honouring the end of 2021?

As we come towards the end of 2021 – I’m excited for the opportunity to pause, reflect and regroup after yet another intense year here on planet earth! There were some rough times down here in Melbourne (and everywhere right?) – but also a truckload of blessings and successes to be grateful for.

You can DOWNLOAD a gentle meditation for letting go and some journal prompts that might support you in your own reflection, rest and re-imaginings!

Whilst I personally don’t see the end of the year/new year as the ‘be-all-and-end -all’ it can be a powerful opportunity to get clear on our dreams and goals, amplify what’s going well, and surrender anything that is no longer serving us.

The main caveat with doing this is to stay curious and judgment-free!

Often my clients will express to me that maybe they haven’t achieved ‘enough’ – or aren’t where they ‘should’ be at the end of a year. But when we dive a little deeper there are often some HUGE wins and personal/professional growth that has unfolded beyond what the conscious mind remembers on the surface.

There are three things I tend to do at the end of each year, and I thought I’d share them with you too.


We have often achieved or overcome so much more than we remember or give ourselves permission to acknowledge. I guarantee upon reflection that there will be some amazing (and challenging!) things to celebrate, honour and acknowledge.

I’ll be doing some journaling, and an end-of-year healing session to support my reflection.


Rest and restoration is key to moving beyond the challenges of this year and setting up your energy for a sustainable year ahead.

As someone who spends a lot of time online – I will be taking at least a few days off screens and socials completely to rest my brain! I’ll also allow for lots of naps, some reading, lots of time with family – and an opportunity to tune into what my body needs to feel rested in each moment.


I love taking some time to re-imagine the possibilities for the year ahead.
Whilst so much remains uncertain in our world it’s so important to continue to dream!

I’ll do a 12-month card reading and vision board which will act as anchors to the intentions I tune into, and I’ll try and use what I have learnt from my reflections and my rest to tune into what I deeply wish to call in in the year ahead (not just what my conscious mind feels ‘might’ be possible).

I’ll usually do this exploration between the New Year and the end of January.
By the time February arrives (and my kids are back at school!) I’m ready to step into the ‘new year’.

However, you honour the end of the year – I invite you to do it your way! Make your own rules that honour YOUR energy!

And if you are craving some support to re-align your energy and intentions for the new year, please do get in touch. There are a few ways to work with me in 2022 and I would love to connect!

I’ll be finishing up with clients on Monday the 20th of December and returning to sessions on the 10th of January. I’ll be checking and responding to my emails during this time – so do reach out to me via email or social media.

In the meantime, you can DOWNLOAD a gentle meditation for letting go and some journal prompts that might support you in your own reflection, rest and re-imaginings!

Wishing you a safe and Happy Holiday Season

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