Share the teachings of Usui Reiki with your clients, family and friends as a Reiki Master/Teacher.

Take your personal Reiki and Healing Journey to an even deeper level of understanding, healing and connection.

Immerse fully in the Mystery Teachings of Reiki.

You would know by this stage of your journey – that every ‘level’ of Reiki brings with it powerful healing, deep spiritual connection and transformation.

The Master/Teacher level is no different.

Not only are you connecting on deep levels with Reiki – you will also be deep diving into your own healing, soul and self-mastery.

For this reason, finding a Master/Teacher that you connect with and respect to do this deep level of work with is really important, and it’s why I only accept students via an application. 

Becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher is not about becoming a ‘guru’. Like many ancient traditions, we are all forever students! This level of Reiki is a profound journey of self-mastery combined with the opportunity to become a custodian of the sacred Reiki teachings.

It is a journey where you move from ‘doing Reiki’ to BEING Reiki.

In this high-level immersion, 1:1 intensive program, you are supported fully and deeply as you grow and explore.

At the completion of this intensive training, you will be a Master/Teacher of Traditional Usui Reiki, ready to share the Reiki teachings with others with integrity and authenticity.

During this Program you will:

  • Gain an even deeper connection to Reiki and to yourself!
  • A powerful new level of understanding of your personal and professional journey.
  • Work deeply with each of the Reiki symbols through Mastery level practices
  • Gain deeper understanding of the traditional Japanese origins and techniques of Reiki.
  • Receive the 3 Master/Teacher Level attunements.
  • Explore knowledge and understanding of the Master Symbol.
  • Learn the sacred process of giving the Reiki attunements to others.
  • Gain the confidence to teach Reiki to others with integrity and authenticity.
  • Have access to my teaching insights, materials (and mistakes!) to support you in giving your future students the most powerful possible outcome in their Reiki journey with you.
  • Immerse deeply in the Precepts
  • Learn how to bring your own spiritual journey and experiences with Reiki into your teachings, while maintaining the integrity of the Usui teachings.

For full information on the complete course content, please see FAQs at the bottom of this page.

How will the journey unfold?

The Reiki Master/Teacher training is mostly an individual journey, with 3 group components throughout the year for additional connection, support and immersion. It runs over a minimum period of 10months.

It is intentionally run in the immersive, traditional, apprenticeship-style and allows for a deeply profound journey on many levels. You learn the theoretical and practical aspects of Reiki, whilst immersing yourself in the deeply spiritual experiences of the teachings and your own healing journey.

Due to the depth of healing and learning that you will experience as you make your way through your Master/Teacher journey, you will most likely be challenged as well as enlightened, as may also have occurred with each previous levels of your Reiki training! The deep level of support I offer means I am here to guide you through any healing opportunities, questions, and insights to allow you to experience the journey exactly as you need to for your healing and enlightenment, and for you to be a Sacred Teacher of this beautiful modality.

At the end of this training, you will have everything you need – both spiritual and practical to take Reiki out into the world and teach your students with integrity and authenticity. 

What is included in this Master/Teacher Program?

    • 2 x 2day group workshops – in person – in Melbourne.
    • 10 hours of 1:1 Master/Teacher Healing Mentoring sessions (each session includes distance Healing) with me via Zoom/Skype, spaced out evenly throughout the course material.
    • Comprehensive manuals and workbooks.
    • 2 hour Group Zoom training on the deeper details of running your own training (including access to my own personal templates and processes)
    • Full email support through each Element during the training period.
    • Full access to my personal extensive Reiki experience.
    • Individualised program and mentoring catering to your exact needs and current personal experience as a Reiki Channel.

The Reiki Master/Teacher Journey

There are two main components to the Reiki Master/Teacher Journey – and the Training is separated into Two Parts.

Part 1: Your personal journey and The Reiki Master Training 

Part 2: Reiki Master/Teacher Training

Each part is as important and empowering as the other, and together will allow you to be a
Certified Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui System of Natural Healing.

Part 1: Your Personal Reiki Journey

Your personal experiences with Reiki give you the the opportunity to be the most empowered Reiki Master/Teacher.

Self first – always. The first 8 weeks of your journey will be focused on deepening your personal practice, connection and understanding of Reiki. You will receive regular ‘homeplay’ via email where you will be invited to explore different elements of Reiki and journey deeper into these practices.

Reiki Master Training 

For this component, we will explore the symbols and precepts at an even deeper level following your personal immersion and exploration, as well as exploring some of the traditional Japanese practices to deepen your connection to Reiki.

You will learn how to send healing to a collective ‘Reiki Box’, learn the Master Symbol and where and how to work with it.

You will receive 3 the Master/Teacher attunements, and the Master Symbol to work with and integrate.

Part 2: Master/Teacher Training

In this component of the training you will learn and practice the sacred Reiki Attunements and how to teach each level of Reiki.

 I also share with you the deeper elements of teaching Reiki so that you can feel confident if and when you choose to teach in the future.

We will cover everything from managing client expectations to delivering the content in a way that each participant will understand and much, much more.

Are you ready to step into Master/Teacher Level Training?

This intensive training is for you if:

  • You are ready to step up into the next level of commitment to Reiki with your time, energy and focus.
  • You are not afraid to dig deep, and work on your personal Reiki practice as you learn to become a Teacher to others.
  • You are committed to attend all components of the workshop and do not need to miss/leave early from any aspects of the training.
  • You are 100% committed to be a true custodian of the Traditional Reiki teachings – honouring its sacredness as you take it further into the world and into your daily practice.
  • You are committed to partaking in any required re-sit of classes as part of your Master/Teacher development.
  • You are wanting to teach from a place of experience not just from written information.
  • You want to be guided and supported by a teacher who is passionate about maintaining integrity of Reiki and has experience as a practitioner, teacher and lifelong student and who honours your personal Reiki journey.
  • You are excited to see what comes next with this incredible energy and all it has to teach you about yourself, your life and Reiki!

This may not be right for you at this time if:

  • You don’t feel ready to give 100% to your Master/Teacher journey.
  • You don’t feel you have the time or energy to work on your own healing as part of the Master/Teachers training.
  • You don’t have a minimum of 4-6 hours a week to devote to coursework and personal practice (with rest periods placed throughout the year to integrate the teachings).
  • You want to learn the theory of Reiki Mastery but not dive into the experiences and practices themselves.

Due to the depth of this workshop, this class is open by application only. Please contact me via this form or call me on 0438 668 688

What can you expect from me as a Reiki Master/Teacher?

Having begun my own personal healing journey with Reiki Level 1 in 2000 I have had many profound and practical personal experiences with Reiki. To this day, I use it daily in my personal life, as well as in my professional life. 

A professional Practitioner since 2010 (having completed my Level 2 training in 2005), and a Master/Teacher since 2012 – I have seen the endless ways Reiki can assist with healing and personal and spiritual growth. I have also learned many lessons as a small business owner and workshop facilitator. I have trained over 130 students in Reiki (at the time of this writing!), many who have gone on to be practitioners and Master/Teachers themselves. 

I bring this depth of personal and professional knowledge and experience to this intensive training. I share many practical and energetic lessons, tips and practices openly with you so that you can have a head start in your journey as a Master/Teacher and Practitioner.

I am passionate about continually adding more value and support into each class I run, and each year I invest heavily in my personal and professional development to be the best facilitator I can be on your journey and to bring you up to date information and support.

I believe that each person comes to Reiki through their own journey of life experience and spirit and as a result, I work to cater to your individual needs.


As a non-Japanese Reiki Master Teacher – I am deeply committed to maintaining the integrity of Usui Reiki as it has been taught to me, and it is why I do not teach or attune in an online only capacity, and why I still retain the waiting periods between levels.

I am grateful that Reiki was brought to Australia by a Japanese Master Teacher, but I would never wish to culturally appropriate anything that is not mine to share. For this reason I have undertaken extensive and intensive training and research over the past since becoming a Reiki Channel myself.

I have trained under three Usui Reiki Master/Teachers and a Japanese Reiki teacher since 2000:

Foina Drummond – Reiki Level 1, 2000.

Tricia Statham, from 2003 – till her retirement in 2017.  Reiki Level 2 2005, Level 2 Advanced 2006 , Master/Teacher 2012. It is under this Usui lineage that I teach and train from.

Frans Steine – Master/Teacher Training 2017.

Hyakuten Inamoto – Komyo Reikido Master/Teacher Training 2017

Regardless of where you are in your Reiki Journey to this point,  I will meet you where you are in this training, to give you the most profound healing experience possible with the most comprehensive support I can offer.

It is important at this stage to let you know I am no ‘guru’.  Even with over 20 years of Reiki experience, I am a big believer that Reiki is a lifelong journey!

As a Master/Teacher I am deeply committed to continually learning and growing and sharing knowledge openly with my students and the truth is also that my students and clients are also my greatest teachers. We go on this journey together!


I haven’t trained with you for my other levels? Can I do my Master Teacher Training with you?

Yes, students who have not trained with me are welcome to undertake master teacher training with me. Contact me here to discuss further.

What exactly will be covered in this Training?

The following outlines all the elements contained in this powerful immersion journey. It is separated into Two Parts.

Part 1: Reiki Master Training

7 Elements

Element 1

  • Setting your intention for the journey.
  • Exploring your personal Reiki Practice and connection to Reiki.

Element 2

  • Exploring and connecting to the symbols.
  • Work deeply with each of the 3 Reiki symbols through various practices and exercises.

Element 3 **

2 Day Immersion.

  • Integrate and explore the 3 Reiki symbols with hands-on and energetic practices.
  • Bring the teachings from the previous months together.
  • Connect with the 4th Reiki Symbol – the Master Symbol.
  • Receive the 3 Reiki Master Attunements.
  • Learn the process of mini attunements
  • Learn how to send collective healing.

(**group component – this 2-day experience is undertaken with other students who are also enrolled in this course)

Element 4

  • Exploring and connecting more deeply to the Master Symbol through various practices and exercises.

Element 5

  • Exploring and Connecting more deeply with the Five Reiki Precepts through various practices and exercises
  • Element 6  
  • Exploring and connecting with the Ancient Japanese Healing Practices and techniques.

Element 7

At the completion of Part 1 you can expect have experienced deep healing, be more connected to all elements of Reiki, have a profound knowledge of all elements, and be able to work with the energy of the Master Symbol.

Part 2: Reiki Master/Teacher Training

9 Elements

(Please note you must complete the Part 1:Reiki Master training to be eligible for this training)

Element 1 and Element 2

  • Collate your Reiki Level 1 manual and Reiki Level 1 guided visualisations

Element 3 and Element 4

  • Collate your Reiki Level 2 Manual Create your Reiki Level 2 Guided visualisations.

*Please note you will receive copies of all information that cannot be changed (Manual Template)in manuals to be combined with your personal knowledge in order to maintain the continuity and integrity of the Reiki Lineage.

Element 5

2 day in-person Workshop**

  • Day 1 – Learning the Reiki Level 1 attunements and how to teach Reiki Level 1
  • Day 2 – Learning the Reiki level 2 attunements and how to teach Reiki Level 2
  • Discuss how to create Reiki level 2 Expansion workshops
  • Exploring,  integrating and expanding on the knowledge and understanding of the previous components that have been learned so far.
  • We explore both the energetic and practical elements of teaching Reiki so you can confidently begin your journey as a Reiki Master/teacher.

(**group component.  This 2-day experience is undertaken with other students who are also enrolled in this course).

Element 6

Practicalities of teaching Reiki – 2 hour group call. We will explore the intricacies of teaching Reiki – including:

  • Structuring Reiki classes
  • Ways you can support students
  • Creating sacred space
  • Holding sacred space
  • Maintaining the integrity of Reiki in an ever-evolving world and as non-Japanese practitioners and more…..

Included are a range templates for you to take home and make your own to support you on your journey.

Element 7

  • Exploring the Ancient Japanese Mastery techniques.

Element 8

  • Attunement Demonstration.

(Each participant is required to demonstrate a Reiki level 1 attunement, in person as part of their Master/Teacher Certification).

Element 9

  • Closing ceremony.

Each student will receive an in-person, individual ceremony – celebrating the dedication, commitment, and completion of the Master/Teacher journey.

At the completion of Part 2 of the training, you can expect to have experienced deep healing, be more connected to all elements of Reiki, have a profound knowledge of all elements and be able to facilitate Reiki Training for your clients and students.

When is the next enrolment period for Reiki Master/Teacher Program?

 Please contact me here to discuss the next availability for this training.

If I change my mind can I get a refund?

Refund/Cancellation Policy

  • I offer a three-day cooling off period whereby you may receive a full refund should you wish to cancel your enrolment for any reason. There are no refunds for change of mind beyond this period.
  • Workshop fees are not transferable.
  • Due to the extensive time involved in preparing these classes, the small class sizes, the pre-class content and my personal attention to each participant, deposits, and class payments are non-refundable once paid beyond this three days.
  • Should you cancel your participation for an extenuating reason refunds may be considered at my discretion on a case by case basis. Refunds will not be given for components already undertaken and materials received. A calculated balance will be determined by myself as facilitator and the balance applied to your account. A cancellation fee of $100 will be charged.
When do I receive my certificate of completion?

To obtain your certification you will be required to demonstrate your comprehension and understanding of the teachings throughout the course of the journey.

Your certificate will be provided after all workshop Elements, class resits, individual sessions and all payments have been completed – with a closing ceremony just for you!

Are there any pre-requisites?
  • The completion of Reiki Level 1 and 2 are the main pre-requisites, with a minimum period of 12months between Reiki 2 and Reiki Master/Teacher Level (Reiki 2 Expansion is highly recommended).
  • You are also welcome to re-sit any workshops I run should you wish.
  • Students who have not trained with me are most welcome to undertake their Master/Teacher Training. We will have an additional 1:1 consult, prior to your Journey beginning where we discuss your journey and teachings to this point. and you will receive copies of all of my previous Reiki Training Manuals. 
  • Part 1 must be undertaken to be eligible for Part 2.
Praise for this Program

What others have shared about their master teacher journey with me:

“This year has been exceptional and words cannot fully express the joy and gratitude I feel and have experienced. It is an honour and a privilege to have shared this beautiful master teacher journey with you. There is so much to look forward to and my life has changed completely. – Angela –

”Dear Amanda, I just wanted to express the gratitude I have in my heart for you and the journey we have been in so far. Thank you for creating the opportunity for this masters experience and for bringing yourself so completely to it. I have always had a great respect for your passion and integrity as a practitioner and teacher, but what you have shared and how you have shared it with us in this past few months and in the weekend leads me to only respect and admire you more. I’ve never been able to truly thank you for what you and Reiki have done for my whole family so I will just trust that you know what it means to me! – Lisa –

“Thanks Amanda, looking forward to our last 2 final Reiki Masters elements! I have found the journey to be an amazing learning and healing one, allowing me to be empowered, feeling a lot more comfortable and confident with myself.I do feel your teaching/training has played a major role towards my healing and confidence. Thank you for all you support, you definitely go above & beyond for everyone” – C –

“The healing work/treatments I do on Horses and people now seems to be supercharged, mainly I feel its because most of my issues have been released and the beautiful Reiki healing energy flows much easier through me into the recipient. I highly recommend taking on the masters journey, it is not an easy journey, but extremely rewarding. My beautiful amazing Master/Teacher Amanda Freeman, is the most dedicated Reiki master, friend, support person, and the best person to take your Reiki masters journey with, Amanda has made a intense journey, so much easier, enjoyable and a life changing experience” Carol

My biggest desire is that this journey gives you everything energetic and practical to be able to take this work directly out into the world and make a positive impact with your Reiki teachings! Watching previous students do this with ease and grace is my ‘WHY”!

I hope that helps to answer some of the questions you might have about learning Reiki at this level with me.

I would like to acknowledge that I live and work on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation and I wish to pay my respects to the elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty has never been ceded.

© 2021 Amanda Freeman

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