Navigating Overwhelm When The World Feels Heavy

We live in a complex world and yet – we are pretty conditioned to seeing things as being one way or another…

You are a good person or a bad person.

Your business is successful – or it is unsuccessful.

You are happy or sad.

The world is a safe place or not a safe place.

My work with clients is often navigating overwhelm and unravelling from these either/or beliefs, mindsets and patterns and embracing the idea of AND/BOTH in life and work.

Because that is the true reality of living in human bodies.

Of running businesses and growing careers in our current times

(12 years in business and I have never seen so many challenges seeming to hit us at once – for both myself and my clients!)

  • We are often grieving the state of our world AND celebrating personal moments of joy.
  • We are often happy AND navigating a crisis of self-belief.
  • We are creating personal wealth AND giving back to our communities.
  • We are kind AND can also lose our patience from time to time if we are in pain, tired or overwhelmed.
  • We are running successful businesses AND finding challenges in the shadow lockdowns, and continued uncertainty.

And that’s ok.

There is such immense power in being able to be WITH the spectrum of all the things. Of letting go of ‘right and wrong’, ‘good and bad’*.

It is an unlearning and an untangling…but the benefits of being with it all can be deeply worth it.

  • It can allow you to be kinder to yourself and your energy,
  • Get more done in a more aligned way,
  • Show up in the world through external action when yet *another* global disaster/ humanitarian crisis unfolds, even when it feels like your contributions of time money or energy are just a drop in the ocean.

(*ERRM obviously there are a few things that fall directly into that rigid category – don’t get me wrong lol!)

With all that has unfolded in the past week – from war breaking out in Europe to Floods in NSW in my country…

The following questions have helped me personally navigate it all (in addition to ridiculous levels of self-awareness and self-care):

  • How can I look at this from a more open perspective?
  • How can I move all the different/simultaneous feelings through my body?
  • How can I support my energy so it can navigate these challenges more easily?
  • What other support do I need right now?
  • What actions (no matter how small) can I take right now to contribute to support/change from where I am, and with the capacity I have?

So, if you are also feeling the overwhelm of this time in our world – I hope it helps to know it’s ok to feel it all, to feel into the edges that duality we seem to be experiencing on so many levels.

And if you’re not even sure where to begin in navigating things whether that be in your life or your work please reach out, or book a connection call to explore the options that might suit exactly what you need right now to get through this time. There are several choices of offerings, investment levels and payment plans to meet you where you are.

Amanda xx

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