Overcome Procrastination

– Get back to making an impact in your life and work –

There is nothing more frustrating (and time-consuming) than Procrastination.

Especially when you are a self-aware and deeply driven human who *truly* wants to get things done.

So, why does it happen and how can we move through it quickly and easily when it does arise?

And how can we move away from the outdated and toxic narratives that lead us to believe we are ‘lazy’ or ‘un-motivated’ when we do find ourselves procrastinating?

In this mini-course, we’ll address all of this – and have you back in flow, taking inspired action in no time.

*PS* you are not lazy, despite what that little voice inside your head might be telling you! There is most likely just a little re-aligning, a little healing and a little mindset shift or two required to get you back on track.

And I’m here to make it as easy as possible for you!


The truth is, we will ALL experience procrastination from time to time – even those of us who identify as being intelligent, self-aware and driven towards our goals and purpose! The aim is the master the art of moving through it more quickly and have it impact you less frequently, for less time.

As you dive in, I’ll invite you to challenge the common perception of procrastination and share with you some simple strategies to overcome it.

You’ll receive access to:

A series of short videos to which will explore:

  • How we can change our perception of ‘procrastination’, and how it impacts your life and work moving forward.
  • Some simple, practical, and intuitive strategies to help you move through procrastination and back into aligned and inspired action quickly.

You’ll also receive:

A workbook:

Providing you with a variety of journal prompts to quickly identify why you are procrastinating when it happens.

A powerful guided visualisation:

Connect with the energy of your procrastination, and shift it! You can use time and time again too!

Each lesson is between 2 and 8 minutes long – designed to be easy to digest and take action so you can shift from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to forward momentum again!

If you are ready to move beyond the experience of procrastination and back into inspired action in a really gentle and supportive way…

What clients have said about the Overcoming Procrastination Mini-course:

“Amanda’s style is so accessible and easy to engage with even for the biggest procrastinators out there! The videos are short, to the point, but packed with quality insights that I hadn’t thought about before. The best thing about this mini course is how I’ll be able to take the techniques with me. I often forget to use the techniques in my toolkit when I’m in the moment experiencing any kind of stuckness, but Amanda has given a really great framework to think about procrastination that will stick with me.”

Kris Emery

Author of Destination Author and non-fiction editor, Kris Emery Editorial

Amanda guides you through a new way to look at procrastination. Not just from an intellectual standpoint, but from the felt sense of what underlies those times when we are stuck and unable to move. Her gentle and encouraging voice leads you through this journey with kindness and compassion.

Leonie Lockwood

Leonie Lockwood Yoga

“This course is an eye-opener. It helps you look deeply into why you are procrastinating and provides exercises to get to answers. If you struggle with procrastination, this course will help you move through it and is a resource you can continue to use again and again.” E.W.

“So good. I love your presentation and energy. You are very gifted at what you do and your information was spot on.

I love how it is so much more than the entrepreneurial spin on procrastination. This resonated more deeply. My vision was quite the interesting take Much to sit with and explore.

Thank you. xo.

Sonia Charkisky – aperfectbalance.com.au

Key Takeaway:

‘Procrastination isn’t just something that ‘happens to me’ and to look at the deeper reasons why I procrastinate.’

A little more about me:

I help purpose-driven professionals, and therapists conquer their fears, clear energy blocks, and develop sky-high confidence in order to make powerful, intuitive life and business decisions.

There is nothing I love more than combining the ‘practical’ of mindset and inspired action with the ‘woo’ of energy healing. I love helping my clients overcome procrastination, overwhelm and self-sabotage so that they can run their lives and businesses in a truly aligned, sustainable and profitable way.

I’m a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Business Mentor, EFT Master Trainer, Sacred Circle facilitator – and I’m also currently undertaking a certification in Feminist Coaching Theory. I’ve been supporting clients since 2010 all over the world. I’d love to support you too!