Overcoming Money Blocks – for healers, creatives and entrepreneurs

Overcoming Money Blocks - for healers, creatives and entrepreneurs

We all need to make money to survive and thrive. So why are there so many healers and business owners that are struggling with the belief that charging for services is wrong, and we should give our gifts away?

Most of us have money blocks in some way shape or form. But it seems that for those of us in the healing and creative realms, overcoming money blocks is even more challenging. We are engrained with the belief that we should be giving our gifts away for free – because it’s not ‘fair’ to charge (“healing should be free!”), or because our art forms are not a tangible service. Instead, we should be doing it for the ‘greater good’, for the exposure, or out of sheer love of what we do.

So many ancestral stories and beliefs, not to mention societal expectations, have been passed down through the generations too, particularly to women. These can unconsciously limit our ability for it to feel safe to generate wealth. We often earn less than our male counterparts, even before you consider years taken out for caregiving to children and family members. Yet we do so much in terms of emotional and administrative labour that often goes unpaid and unacknowledged.

So how can we begin to clear these money blocks?

Firstly, we need to understand that money blocks can come from different sources – from your profession and education, your family, and your community.

For example, you might be unconsciously worried that if you earn more, you’ll become greedy, lonely, a bad person. Maybe you’ll change, maybe you’ll lose your friends, maybe you’ll end up all alone at the end. Is it any wonder that we hold ourselves back and limit our income when thoughts like this arise!

Take time to identify your money purpose and goals. Why do you want to be welcoming more abundance into your life? Once you know these, it becomes easier to align your vision and your actions, and to spot any money blocks that arise.

Finally, you need to own the fact that you deeply desire to be financially abundant.

As we clear money blocks, we are able to understand that money is just energy. It is not inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – it is a tool you can use. And remember, it is perfectly ok for you to earn great money when you are doing what you love and are making the world a better place!

Being abundant doesn’t just mean having money to spend on your own needs. It also gives you the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty, to give more to charity, to redistribute wealth and create lasting societal change.

Simple tips for improving your relationship with money

Do you find you have an uncomfortable or messy relationship with money? A simple way to start healing this is through daily habits that invite abundance and make you feel safer around money.

Some of my favourite ways to shift your mindset around money and for overcoming money blocks include:

  • Having a ritual for sending invoices – light a candle, do a short meditation, whatever realigns you with the energy of receiving
  • Sending gratitude whenever you pay your staff or a contractor
  • Getting excited when a bill comes in and you already have the money to cover it
  • Having an uplifting playlist for whenever you are dealing with your finances
  • Finding a way to make bookkeeping and tax less draining – this might be tweaking how you do them and how often, or it could be outsourcing them to a contractor
  • Using a money meditation regularly (you can download mine here)
  • Giving back to the causes that are important to you – for example, I donate 2% of every sale I make to local charities. The more money I make, the more I can give and make a difference!

Identify the big moments around money that can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and unsafe. This is where we want to replace the fear pattern with a healthier habit that encourages abundance.

Shifting money blocks can take time

There is no magical fix that can clear away all of your money blocks overnight. It’s a process of tweaking, changing and clearing them bit by bit. The goal is not to get rid of them completely, because as with all healing work – it will be a continually evolving journey that shifts and evolves WITH you. they will come back. Instead, you want to recognise them early and have the tools to clear them quickly.

The key is to stay curious. Assess where you are at right now in terms of your money awareness, blocks, patterns, goals and dreams. When something comes up, notice what you are doing and thinking around money. Notice what happens, and wonder why it happens.

That is where the real magic can begin. You are able to take the steps to clear and heal the ones that are no longer serving you – and create money stories, beliefs and energy that aligns with you, your values and the vision for your life.

If you find yourself getting frustrated at your own money blocks or held back by self-sabotage, working with a mentor can help. If you are ready to deep dive 1:1 on how you can identify and clear your money blocks in your life and business, book a free call here. Or Download my Money Rituals Toolkit below.

Money Rituals Toolkit

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