Reclaim your Clarity, Confidence and Time as you Up-level with ease in your Life and Business.

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Reclaim your clarity, confidence and time

Thursday the 29th of July 10AM AEST*
*recording available if you can’t attend live.

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I’ll share with you:

• Why Up-levelling can feel so overwhelming, and why we get in our own way – despite the deep desire to heal and grow!

• Why you are not broken, lazy or a failure for not being where you feel you ‘should be’ by now (and the outdated cultural expectations/systems that contribute to this).

• Clear, actionable steps you can use to move forward straight away.

• Why a blend of healing, mindset and inspired action are is important as we up-level,

And Time for you Q and A’s at the end.

The session will go for 75 minutes and unfold via Zoom and you’ll receive all the details on how to join the session when you register.

Additional live info sessions and resources will be held within the Inspired Calm Collective Facebook Group, so make sure you request to join if you’d like to access those additional resources.

I’ll be sharing experiences and information usually shared only within my private paid communities
100% FREE!

You’ll walk away feeling clearer, more centred and with actionable steps you can take in moving forward in your life and business. Whether that means more freedom, more paying clients, more revenue!

This session is perfect for you if:

  • If you are a self-aware, purpose driven woman or woman identifying entrepreneur or business owner.
  • You are feeling unsettled, un-grounded, or unfocused in your life or business right now – and you’re ready to feel good and forward moving again!
  • You can feel the pull of an up-level but feel too tired and unclear to know how to (or simply don’t have the energy) to navigate it.
  • You love the work you do and want to continue to show up with energy and alignment for your clients and business – being of service with deep passion and purpose.
  • You crave a space where you can just be ‘You’ for a minute and not be the one holding space for others. A place for YOU to be supported with like minded souls who want to lift you up (not keep you small!)
  • You want to move away from the ‘hustle’ culture and reclaim ease and flow.
  • You want to do less, with more potency and feel like you have more TIME!

I’d love to support you in this space!

Amanda x

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