Are you ready to take your Reiki Journey to a deeper level?

Many people choose to complete Reiki Level 2 purely for their own personal healing and to further deepen their knowledge and connection to this beautiful energy.

Reiki Level 2 increases the intensity of the Reiki within your hands and provides you with a divine new set of Reiki techniques, insights and tools to use in your day-to-day life, and when giving Reiki to others. 

This Level is often referred to as ‘Practitioner Level’ which means you can work as a Reiki Practitioner after the completion of the course, You may feel called to work with others after your own powerful experiences with Reiki.

Reiki Level 2 adds a whole new depth to your Reiki healing journey

Reiki Level 2 is a deeply healing experience, as we spend an evening and two full days immersed in the Reiki teachings and the energy.

  • Learning the 3 ancient Reiki symbols adds a depth to working with the energy that you will love!
  • The Distance Healing Process gives you the opportunity to heal yourself on levels you can only imagine, as well as giving you the ability to send Reiki to others in a whole new way.
  • Reiki blessings give you the ability to heal the energy of your spaces – from your home to your workplace and beyond!

“Knowing how relaxed I felt when I received a Reiki treatment, I was keen to learn how to give a treatment so others could experience the bliss! I wanted to complement my other training in relaxation massage and found that the routines overlapped at times. I combine both modalities and am happy with feedback I am given. I feel very relaxed and in a lovely space when giving reiki and find that I am generally calmer in my life. I am glad I have started this lovely new stage of my life.”

Sue, Melbourne

In this level you will:

  • Learn the Three ancient Reiki Symbols
  • Learn and practice the usage of the Reiki Symbols
  • Learn how to send Reiki via distance.
  • Practice sending healing via distance.
  • Learn some basic guidelines for being a practitioner.
  • Further expand your intuitive abilities.
  • Learn how to do a Reiki Blessing on your home/office/space
  • Be guided through 2 healing meditations
  • Learn further history about the Usui Reiki Ryoho system of healing
  • Receive the two Reiki Level 2 Attunements

Your investment includes:

Reiki Level 2 with me is so much more than a weekend workshop! You are also fully supported by me in the 3 weeks following with: 

  • A 45minute group follow-up call via Skype, 21 days after the workshop – where you can catch up, discuss and share your experiences since completing the class.
  • Email access to me throughout the 21 day period following the class.
  • Access to the Closed Reiki Facebook group for extra support and connection with myself and other Reiki Channels.
  • You are also invited to join in 21days of daily Reiki practice to fully integrate the distance healing processes and the symbols that you learn. For many people, this is one of the most powerful aspects of the workshops, that extends from the weekend itself. It is not compulsory but is highly recommended and fully supported by myself through email.
  • Tea, coffee, morning tea, comprehensive manual and writing materials are also included for the weekend.
  • At the end of this workshop, you will receive your Certificate of Achievement for the Second Degree in the Usui System of Reiki Healing (Reiki Level 2)

“Thanks Amanda. I just wanted to say that driving home last night, I said out loud ‘may every time I do Reiki, be respectful and pure’. Then I thought, that motivation is inspired by how you teach us. Thank you for giving us such pure  and detailed instruction, with lots of patience and humour in there too! That respect for the lineage and the Reiki itself is always present with you, and it’s rubbing off on us.  Thanks for everything- I feel lighter.”

Michelle, Kew.

Class Dates

The Next Reiki Level 2 workshop for 2019 will run in Upwey

Friday the 29th – 6:30-9:30pm, Saturday the 30th  November – 10 – 5:30pm , Sunday the 1st of December – 10-5:30pm

Your investment: $595 full price, with a $150 deposit to secure your place.

Early bird investment of $570 paid in full – available until the 11th of October. 

Payment plans are available. 

Student Support

I believe that learning Reiki is a deeply personal healing experience that begins the moment you book in and can extend as far beyond the two-day workshop as you would like! As a teacher I work with you over the workshop, to help you find the ‘perfect fit’ formula for using Reiki in your day to day life.

Teaching Reiki is an absolute passion of mine and I have now taught reiki to over 100 students since 2013. One thing I noticed is that having the opportunity to continue to learn about Reiki beyond the class – and to continue to connect with other Reiki channels, allows people to feel confident in using Reiki with more ease and enjoyment. I strongly believe in supporting all students who train with me to develop confidence with using Reiki beyond the workshops themselves. I offer extensive ‘before class’ and ‘follow-up’ support.

One way to experience Reiki with me – and to see if I am the right Master/Teacher for you is to attend a Reiki Share. This can be helpful if you are looking to begin training with me at Level 1 or if you have completed previous Reiki training before and would like to re-connect with Reiki, or perhaps undertake further training.

Reiki shares run for 2.5 hours and are offered throughout the year at the low cost of $25 per session. Click here to find out more.

I also offer a Reiki Level 2 Expansion workshop, where we dive even deeper into the Level 2 practices that you learn over this weekend. You can find out more about this workshop here.

Additional individual mentoring is also available upon request.

A few important pieces of information

  • Reiki level 2 does require that you have first completed your Reiki Level 1 and have had a 4-6 month waiting time since undertaking that class.
  • There is a minimum level of knowledge and experience required for this level, and in some cases pre-requisites may apply.
  • Students who have studied with other teachers are welcome to undertake this level with me.
  • I offer a 20-minute obligation free phone consult to discuss your Reiki journey and so you can see if I am the right teacher for you and if the time feels right for you to take this next step in your Reiki Journey.
  • This class runs over a Friday evening 6:30-9:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-5:30pm.

What previous participants have to say about their Reiki Level Two experience:

“Since completing Reiki Level 2, I have experienced some major shifts & have found that my Reiki vibration has been heightened. I also feel that my intuition has become a lot stronger. I am able to use Reiki in almost every aspect of every day & have found that the absent/distant healings are unbelievable.  In my personal experience, absent healings on myself have been a lot more helpful in shifting issues than my hands-on Reiki. The absent healings have been great in helping others also, as it’s sometimes hard to find a time that suits both parties therefore making it very convenient to be able to give healings & for others to receive healings while living such busy lifestyles. I have had very positive feedback from every absent healing I have given. I believe the absents really help with self confidence in Reiki & increasing intuition. Overall, I am very grateful for this gift of Reiki and feel the effects of it in every day.”


Amanda, I’m so grateful to have found you.  Reiki has been a blessing to me, I see why you love it so much – it’s very powerful.  Your style of teaching, dedication and genuine care towards your students is amazing.  I would be very keen to participate in the Reiki 2 expansion group and the Reiki practitioner one, please add me to your list.   I will also be keen to continue to attend the monthly shares on a Saturday – they are very helpful and I love the feeling in the room after the sessions.

Michelle F


These are a few of the most commonly asked questions that people thinking about learning Reiki ask me.

What is your experience as a Reiki Teacher?

I began my own personal healing journey with Reiki in 2000 I have had many years of profound and practical personal experiences with Reiki.

As a practitioner since 2010, and a Master/Teacher since 2012 –  I have seen the endless ways Reiki can assist with healing and personal and spiritual growth.I bring this depth of personal and professional knowledge and experience to my classes.

I am passionate about continually adding more value and support into each class I run, and each year I invest heavily in my personal and professional development to be the best facilitator I can be on your journey and to bring you up to date information and support.

I believe that each person comes to Reiki through their own journey of trauma, experience, and spirit and as a result, I work to cater to your individual needs.

I have trained under three Usui Reiki Master/Teachers since 2000:

Foina Drummond, for Reiki Level 1, in 2000.

Tricia Statham Reiki Level 2, Level 2 Advanced , Master/Teacher  from 2002-2012 (this is the lineage I teach under). 

I have also undertaken additional Master/Teacher training from Frans Steine  form the International House of Reiki and Hyakuten Inamoto who teaches Komyo Reikido in , 2017. 

Whether you are a first-time energy person, or a seasoned energy worker, I will meet you where you are to give you the most profound healing experience possible with the most comprehensive support I can offer.

What is the right type of Reiki and who is the right Master/Teacher for me?

The truth is there is no ‘right’ type of Reiki, and there is no ‘right’ Master/Teacher.

I tend to find that the ‘right Reiki’ and the ‘right teacher’ finds you, at just the right time.

That is certainly what happened to me!

I teach traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho – with Reiki being a personal healing journey, that extends beyond the workshop and certificate.

Reiki is such a powerful and profound healing technique that unfolds for you over time, dependent on your life journey, experiences and intentions – and I am passionate about facilitating your Reiki journey in the way that meets your healing needs exactly where you are in your life at this moment. My classes are very much catered to each individual in each class, and each year I invest in further trainings so I can continue to bring up to date knowledge and support to you as your journey unfolds.

Please contact me here to talk further about your needs and if I might be the right teacher for you.

Why I don't teach Reiki Level One and Two in a weekend - or online?

The truth is Reiki is experiential, ‘hands on’ and a very personal experience, and it takes time to integrate the shifts that occur within your energy and your awareness.

It takes time to explore how you connect with Reiki – and how Reiki can help you with your healing – and that of your family and friends. And most of all it often takes time- to feel confident that you can use Reiki.

So many people say to me that they worry that they are not special/spiritual/enlightened enough to be able to ‘do Reiki’ but the truth is – anyone can!

I have taught people from all walks of life, all different professions and all levels of spiritual knowledge – and ALL of them left with Reiki ‘in their hands’! 

How long do I have to wait until I can progress to Level 2?

With the traditional teaching of Reiki, there is a 4-6month waiting period between Levels 1 and 2, and a 12month waiting period between Level 2 and Masters.

People often ask why this is the case.

Moving through the levels quickly is like skimming the chapters of a book.

You might have some understanding and enjoy the story – but the depth, and the heart, and the soul of the story is in the sentences, in the pauses, in the moments that weave together to create the journey.

The same is true for Reiki – it is in this period of time that you heal what needs to be healed within yourself, you build your understanding of how Reiki helps you, and you get to really explore the extent of it’s beautiful empowering energy in your life. 

What kind of support will I receive after my training?

I run Reiki shares throughout the year for students, so students have easy, affordable access to support and practice when you need it. It’s something I really love to offer. 

I also have a private Facebook group just for students to connect in, to be able to share and support each other as you journey with Reiki.

I send out regular emails with information for those who wish to receive them.

For students wishing to become Practitioners – but are not sure where to start – I also have additional mentoring and workshops available to help you make it happen with support and confidence.

For students wishing to become Master/Teachers, I offer this deeper level of training too.

I’ve completed my Reiki Level 1 training before - but I’m feeling a bit disconnected and would like to re-sit before I do my Reiki Level 2. Can I do that with you?

Absolutely, Reiki attunements last forever and so you don’t ‘need’ to be re-attuned if you have completed Usui Reiki with another teacher. But I am happy to give you the attunements again if you wish, as they are such a beautiful experience.

Most people find a deeper level of understanding, confidence and re-connection following resitting a class. The content that different Master/Teachers teach can also vary with Reiki, depending on your lineage, so re-sitting can be a good way to ensure you have all the information I teach at this level, prior to moving on to Levels 2 and beyond. I am always happy to talk with you about your previous training and work out was is the best way to move forward for your individual situation.

I did my previous training with someone else - can I do my next level/s with you?

Yes, I am happy to train people who have taught with other teachers. Please contact me here and we can arrange a time to discuss the best way to begin, what your goals are, and how I can help.

I hope that helps to answer some of the questions you might have about learning Reiki with me as your teacher.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me here.

I would like to acknowledge that I live and work on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation and I wish to pay my respects to the elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty has never been ceded.

© 2021 Amanda Freeman

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