Tapping for Momentum

Clear your money blocks, perfectionism, fear and procrastination the moment they arise!

Ready to get ‘unstuck’ in less than 20 minutes?

If you’re a purpose-driven professional with a full-schedule, you don’t have the time or energy to get ‘stuck’ in negative mental, energetic or emotional states.

So let’s shift them in the moment!

I’ve noticed four common blocks that my clients come across time and time again, that they would love to be able to shift the moment they arise:

Money blocks



Being overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty.

Money blocks



Being overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty.

So, I’ve created a little mini-course, with a short video (less than 12minutes long) for each of these blocks. I’ll lead you through a sequence of clearing what has you stuck, and then calling in what you want instead – using the simple but powerful process of EFT!

You’ll also get a quick-start guide explaining why it’s so powerful and how to use it simply and easily as part of your personal energy healing and self-care toolkit.

When using EFT in short bursts like this, my clients will often find the energy can shift *just enough* to know – or be open to – the next steps needed! Or can clear it there and then!

The four videos are:
  • Tapping into Abundance
  • Tapping away Perfectionism
  • Tapping to Clear Stuckness
  • Tapping away Uncertainty and Fear

So often we try to push through these blocks instead of working with our energy to dissolve them. In each of the videos, you can tap along with me to clear what is stuck and THEN work to call in what you want instead. Giving you back your energy, clarity and momentum!

They are designed to be a simple yet powerful way to use EFT ‘in the moment’ as I know how busy you are, and how overwhelming these blocks can feel.



“I loved this mini course. It was a great intro into tapping for me and I found the examples were something I could actually use. I really like the PDF that explained everything in a way that I understood.”

Katinka Kernutt, Photography and visual branding,

I love the pace, how you do 3 rounds building from the more negative to the positive, and offering for people to pause and go back if they haven’t moved up the scale… it’s neat to watch YOUR energy shift in each one. You have a calming, graceful, supportive way of moving through each one. It’s really effective even just as a video.

Tapping for Momentum Student

A little more about me:

I help purpose-driven well-being professionals and therapists conquer their fears, clear energy blocks, and develop sky-high confidence in order to make powerful, intuitive life and business decisions.

There is nothing I love more than combining the ‘practical’ of mindset and inspired action with the ‘woo’ of energy healing. I love helping my clients overcome procrastination, overwhelm and self-sabotage so that they can run their lives and businesses in a truly aligned, sustainable and profitable way.

I’m a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Business Mentor, EFT Master Trainer, Sacred Circle facilitator – and I’m also currently undertaking a certification in Feminist Coaching Theory. I’ve been supporting clients since 2010 all over the world. I’d love to support you too!

Please note: This mini-course is designed as an introduction to EFT and to get your energy moving. It may not be appropriate for your specific individual circumstances and is not to be considered as medical or psychological advice. For bigger issues, and deep trauma work, it is recommended to hire a Professional Energist or Mentor (like me!) to support you.