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Energy strategy and energy healing (when combined) are so powerful in bringing you back to a sense of focus, clarity and momentum. And we could all do with a bit of that right now can’t we?! Energy strategy and energy healing (when combined) are so powerful in bringing you back to a sense of focus, clarity and momentum. And we could all do with a bit of that right now can’t we?!

Energy strategy and energy healing (when combined) are so powerful in bringing you back to a sense of focus, clarity and momentum. And we could all do with a bit of that right now can’t we?!

Last week I accomplished nothing outside of supporting my clients.

No blogs.
No social media.
No planning.
No washing (oops!).

If it wasn’t client work or self-care – it was off the agenda!
My MyGov account was hacked which meant hours and hours of calls, and password changes, which took loads of time and energy.

And being in lockdown here in Melbourne means I have to choose really carefully where I spend my energy (thanks to fibromyalgia and lockdown fatigue!).

The impact of restricted services on those of us that live with a disability is a part of this lockdown that is not often talked about. Not being able to swim means I’m prone to flare-ups that are incredibly challenging to get under control myself. I’m so grateful to have been eligible to access urgent care from my local practitioners to support me through those flare-up moments, so I can show up for myself, my family and my clients amidst it all!

I’m also grateful for the systems, processes, and support of my VA to keep things running when ‘life’ happens.

Why do I share this?

Because business owners and space holders are human, and looking after our energy is SO IMPORTANT!

Many business owners I know and work with are also navigating chronic illness, disability or mental illness in their day-to-day life and work. In fact – it’s often why many people start their own businesses. To be able to earn money – whilst looking after their minds and bodies!

I know for me – sitting or standing for 8 hours a day 5 days a week was never going to be an option – and over the years I have worked carefully to craft my business and schedule to support myself and my clients with full energy!

As a result, one of the most important parts of running my business strategy is actually my own Energy Strategy! And this is a big part of the work I do with clients too.

Learning how to navigate our unique energy needs AND running a thriving business/career/work-life is possible, even if you do have a chronic injury/illness/disability/different neurotype to the ‘norm’.

But we need to be able to give ourselves permission for it to be a priority. (Especially in lockdown!).

There’s also a layer of all of us unlearning the ableist expectations that are present in the world, that often encourages NOT to listen to our energy, and makes us feel ‘less than’ if we have to slow down, change how we do things, or choose not to hustle. But this is a whole other blog post!

One of the best places to start in having a fully aligned life and business is to KNOW your energy – where you are at, and what works for you. And also to begin looking at where you are matching your to-do list with expectations from the world around you – that don’t align with you.

So What is an Energy Strategy?

An Energy Strategy involves looking at how you work and live and ensuring that it aligns with how your energy best operates. It combines self-awareness, social awareness, and inspired action.

You’d be surprised at how often we do things because it’s ‘how we were taught’, or how we’ve ‘always done them’, or because some said we ‘should’. As opposed to because they are the most efficient for how we operate as a person.

Your personalised Energy Strategy looks at all the elements of YOU and helps you design your life in alignment with that. Rather than trying to run your life in accordance with structures and rhythms that are ineffective or even harmful.

An Energy Strategy is created from the perspective of you not being wrong/broken/stupid because you can’t do what you need to in a particular way. It is created judgment-free honouring that you are inherently, ‘enough’!

I can’t even tell you how many years I personally spent feeling lazy or like a burden because I couldn’t complete things in a way an able-bodied person could in my jobs or even in my own business (I’ll share more about this in a separate blog post!).

And I found this time and time again when working with clients too. Clients who felt there was something wrong with them because what worked for others was making them exhausted, overwhelmed or stuck.

The best part is – creating an Energy Strategy in the area you need it, does not mean up-ending your whole life either. Most often, it is just small tweaks to how you are already doing things – not huge changes that require you to meditate for 5 hours a day, give up chocolate or live in a bubble! These simple tweaks can often result in the ability to be more energised, have more confidence and clarity, and navigate your life and work with more ease and flow.

An example…

One of my recent Mastermind clients had been experiencing consistent overwhelm when it came to writing up her client notes and reports (a big part of her work!). Through our work together she realised that by allocating specific times in her week to solely focus on these notes (as opposed to between clients, on her lunch break etc) meant she was less drained, able to complete them quicker – and the overwhelm and frustration disappeared.

She couldn’t believe that such a simple tweak to how she completed and scheduled that task would have such a huge impact on her energy. And it wasn’t JUST the changing of the time – but the acknowledgment that looking after herself was VALID and important too. There was some deep recognition of patterns of putting herself last that were able to be healed in this process.

Energy strategy and energy healing when combined in this way within our lives and businesses are so powerful in bringing you back into flow and alignment. And we could all do with a bit of that right now right?!

Three questions to help you check in:

  • Where are you currently feeling depleted in your energy when it comes to life and work?
  • What simple adjustment could you make that might support you to shift this energy so it feels more aligned?
  • What is no longer serving you in how you are doing that task/activity, and what is coming up for healing as you look to change it?

Need some help? I’d love to support you to get back in flow and alignment to navigate this intense time – in the simplest, most supportive way possible. Book a free chat or a Healing and Clarity session HERE and let’s get you sorted!

Amanda x

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