Healing and Mentoring for Helping Professionals, Coaches and Entrepreneurs. 

Before meeting Amanda, I didn’t know much about Reiki, but my long distance healing session with her was amazing! It greatly exceeded my expectations. I am amazed at the insight and power of the session even from the other side of the world.

Before our sessions, I had been stuck in a rut in my business. A stressful client situation had left me feeling run down and a bit lost. Even though I had tried a few other techniques to work through it, my Reiki sessions with Amanda were really what helped me finally get unstuck and regain my confidence and energy to move forward. Amanda is so intuitive, gentle, and loving. I highly, highly recommend her!

– Megan, Michigan, USA

WOW WOW WOW!! I really felt the higher powers at play today, in my first Reiki session ever! Amanda thank you so much for your beautiful talent and skill, in this field. You connected easily and read all my energy accurately. The timing for it to be was perfect!
If you feel stuck or need some clarity, I highly recommend a session with Amanda. By the way – my session was over the phone, just incredible.

– Maria, Sydney

Amanda Freeman is my secret weapon for emotional healing, spiritual growth and embodying my leadership! Prior to working with Amanda, I had never worked with an energy healer, and although I understood the basic concepts such as the chakra system, I didn’t really know if energy work really ‘worked’. My mind was blown away from my very first session with Amanda, where she helped to uncover and heal a deep wound that went all the way back to my childhood. Ever since then I have been one of Amanda’s biggest fans and I’m committed to working with her on a long-term basis because her work truly is that powerful. Amanda’s approach is grounded, nurturing, wise and intuitive. She has taught me how to truly feel my feelings. How to be vulnerable and raw and real. And that has changed all of the relationships in my life. I count her as an integral part of my support system, and her work is a vital key in my growth as an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother and a woman on the Heroine’s Journey of coming home to herself.

– Layla Saad, Qatar

I would recommend working with Amanda for anyone. She helps you move through your emotions, allows things to come up and be expressed in a safe and kind environment. She is like your secret super power in life. Genuinely invested in her clients and wants to watch them succeed in life and move through challenges with grace and ease. She is a gentle mentor who moves you through to your goals and aspirations without feeling at all rushed or pressured. Amanda is very intuitive and knows how to help you as an individual no matter what challenges come up. At the start of the process lots of emotions came up and I didn’t expect to feel so deeply through the process. But Amanda was there to explain going through the muck was part of the process and helped me every step through any overwhelming feelings.

– Mae Collard – Music School Principal and Musician

I had no idea what to expect from Reiki, let alone a long distance Reiki treatment. But after talking to Amanda I was completely open to having a session with her. I felt comfortable and wanted to see what would come from the session. I can’t even express how much I got out of the session and how much I actually felt during it, yet she wasn’t in the room with me.I decided to lay down during the hour she was planning to work on me and I felt instantaneously that she had begun to work and I knew exactly what area in my body was blocked and being released. I had goosebumps all over my body, but I felt so much warmth and in some cases pressure in the area that she was working on to clear my blocks. In our follow-up call the next day I was blown away by what she shared with me. We were so incredibly in sync. I shared with her where I thought she had worked on me and she showed me a picture of exactly what I had just told her. It was unbelievable. It helped me on so many levels and I know that I can come back and work with her again. I can’t recommend Amanda enough, she is a true gift. If you feel blocked and just can’t figure out why you are stuck in some area of your life, please schedule an appointment with her. You won’t be sorry.”

– Brigid, New Zealand

Amanda, what a gift you have given me. After a single long-distance reiki healing with Amanda, I have had some profound shifts occur. I had no idea what to expect and even a little bit of skepticism but that has been blown away. I chose to meditate for the 30 minutes before our call while Amanda sent healing, and amazingly we both saw the same vision at the same time. I am still stunned by this but Amanda seems unsurprised! 4 days after our session there is no doubt in my mind that she has brought me significant healing. Amanda’s intuition and healing powers are quite otherworldly. This was my first reiki session and it won’t be my last.

– Gem, Sydney

I have been working with Amanda Freeman on integrating Reiki healing into my spiritual needs and self-care routine. Amanda has been amazing at helping me level up in my business – I’ve seriously only had two sessions so far and can’t quite believe the difference it made. After my 1st session – the very next day I signed up TWO new clients. After my 2nd session, I’ve since signed up FOUR new clients. And I’m also the happiest + most settled within myself that I have ever been.

– Rachel Shillcock, England

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards you for all you have done to support me this year. You have helped me change my life for the better, heal and become a stronger woman. Thank you for being you. I feel so much more centred in my life’s decisions and ready to tackle the world as well as embrace the beautiful life I have created. I feel stronger and more in my power than ever before. I feel capable of tackling life’s challenges. My life feels more balanced and I feel more in control, my relationships feel blessed. I feel so much more confident in money and self-care.


Prosperity & Alignment Package

“My main goal was to feel lighter and to be able to process and be present in the positives and spend less time with the negatives.

Together we really achieved this.

You allowed me a safe space, to help me see what I want and don’t want and how I want my days to pan out whilst keeping me accountable to what I want.

To learn that my business energy aligns to my own energy and that being of service is my calling has helped my confidence around what I do for people and why. That I am being of service not of servitude. The energetic and emotional shifts I experienced in such a short space of time have been monumental for my mental health and how I want to show up as a business person.

These shifts were exactly what I needed and I still have work to do but we unblocked so much and the relief has been wonderful. Our time working together flew by. The work wasn’t therapy but we still unblocked some very deep rooted beliefs and shifted the energy.

The fact I do not think I need to work myself to death anymore has been a huge shift. This has helped me set my boundaries and stop and reset on what I actually want in life, not just to work work work until I die. I cannot tell you how amazing that is and how good that feels. I shed a client that wasn’t a good fit for me which opened up space for 2x new clients who are both aligned with my values.

I am totally fully booked and happy with who I am working with.

I’m grateful for your compassion and your willingness to be open and empathise. I spend a lot of time in my own head thinking I am the only one that feels a certain way/thinking certain things and just by being your amazing calming, kind self, you created a safe experience for me to work through my transformation.
Not everyone could do that.”


“The best decision I made was to work with Amanda as she helped me through my darkest days and helped me see the light. I found myself.Amanda has an incredible way of healing others and supporting in a positive way. She helped me heal my traumas and move past my blockages.

I’m now making 6 figures and have an awesome caseload of soul aligned clients. I have an abundance of clients and have closed my books.If new clients do come to me, it’s through word of mouth and they speak highly of me. I feel the ease and flow of clients and money comes easily.I can trust the universe to bring me soul aligned clients when the timing is perfect.

The difference now is how I have let all that stress go and let things flow. I put my prices up with no guilt or unease. In fact I know I deserve it.I didn’t expect to have this strength and such high self esteem and an inner knowing. I was constantly evolving throughout this course and learning more about myself.

Even after the 5 months my growth continues as I now have the tools to help me grow further. I now trust my own decisions. I’ve made significant shifts in my life. With the love and support of the like minded ladies in our group I was able to share my stories, be vulnerable and heal. I am now stronger and manage my emotions with ease.

I am so much more connected to my own intuition and through meditations I have learned to listen to ME. Amanda’s gentle nature and caring disposition make her the most loving mentor and human. Her charm, ability to heal others and her knowledge astounds me.”

Marianne – Speech Expressions

“Amanda you are the perfect mix of woo & practicality! You provide the right balance of meeting people where they are, nurturing and healing what needs to be tended to, but then moving them – in a sustainable way – towards their goals and dreams.

You lovingly pushed back on my urge to keep striving ahead, and encouraged me to look inwards first, and then to take intentional, inspired action in a way that was aligned with my own energy and wellbeing.

I am far more self-compassionate and gentle with myself. I used to push myself so hard in every area of my life, and berate myself when I wasn’t living up to the (unrealistic!) standards I set myself. Now I am much better at listening to my body, checking in on where I’m at and what I’m capable of, and taking small, consistent steps that don’t jeopardize my wellbeing.

I am backing myself more, trusting my intuition and knowledge, and therefore being more present in everything I do. I also felt I improved my own client outcomes, due to being more present and inspired.

I have changed how I think about myself, about my goals, about achievement – and I no longer think that PUSHING HARD = Success. This is a big change for me, and life and work feels much more joyful now.”


Empowered You – Circle Mastermind

I have several new clients which given the circumstances of COVID-19 is remarkable. More importantly I am clearer in my mission and how I should be promoting it. Finally, I have systems in place that will help me cope with the changes I am going to implement over the next few months. I will look at my business differently, myself differently and understand where I need to do further work.
Overall I am a significantly happier person, than I was when the Circle Mastermind started. I understand myself and my business more and that has also impacted my relationship with others including spirit in a positive way. I’m certainly happier and lighter with a better balanced approach to money. I am happy to repurpose some of it to things – fun and otherwise.

– Stephen, Light and Soul Natural Therapies

I feel like I have more of a balance of soul-level and practical-level tools and steps I can continue to take, that will help me stay focused, calm and optimistic about creating abundance through my business, for my life. Self-care I always thought was for ‘other people’ while I just worked away…but it’s interesting, now the course has finished, I’m finding time to just look after myself that I hadn’t found before. I’ve been a ‘reach your goals solo’ person for as long as I can remember. I was scared to open up, but when I did, huge transformations happened.

I feel that I’m continuing to benefit from the Mastermind, as the ideas that came up, processes that began and even systems that were put in place, have really helped my mind to be open to the ‘glimmers in the corner of my eye’ and to keep being courageous enough to explore that light.

– Michelle John – Artemis Music and Reiki

I would recommend this course highly because it will not only make your business life easier but also your personal/family life better. You will feel refreshed, empowered and have gained so much insight into all aspects.
And to meet such amazing, talented and inspiring people in the group…. I found their journeys so inspiring and I learnt things from them that I was not expecting. I also thought about self-care techniques that I had completely forgotten about again which was really refreshing. I also gained a massive insight that my business life and my personal life are much more entwined than I thought.

– Rachel Mackenzie – Peony Lane Photography

I have absolute clarity about my key ideas that I want to take forward in my business in the future. I had been toying around the edges for YEARS! Thanks again for an amazing Mastermind. Am getting closer each day to releasing my little project out into the wild. I liked that the program was very much tailored to the needs of the group, rather than a one-size-fits-all, and that is was a great kick-starter. I really value your openness and acceptance of wherever “you are at”.

– Cath Connell – Wholehearted Marketing

I love the pace that you go at. The Mastermind happens in real time, with all your wonderful, messy, tiring life going on throughout. In fact, the way it starts to gradually feel like Amanda’s ideas, prompts and advice is part of the whole ebb and flow of life, makes it easier to keep integrating what resonates for you, even after it ends. Amanda you’re a natural and capable of holding the space for a group over a long period of time. I felt safe in this course. Challenged, but safe. And your caring is laser sharp in how you help us to take the next step, and the next…you value joy in each step! An insight into how the sharing is the medicine. I’ve been a ‘reach your goals solo’ person for as long as I can remember. I was scared to open up, but when I did, huge transformations happened. This was despite huge initial fears over connecting with people I didn’t know in the group!

– M.J

I have gained personal strength around my money energy and I am working on my beliefs around money. I feel like everything is better off today with my business. I feel like I am more focused with that I want to achieve/create. I have also learnt that I need to create structures around my business that work well to take the pressure off myself. I also thought about self-care techniques that I had completely forgotten about again which was really refreshing. I also gained a massive insight that my business life and my personal life are much more entwined than I thought.

– S.W

If you are at a stalemate and find yourself stuck in the same place in either personal or business matters, then I highly recommend this Circle Mastermind. I had procrastinated for years about things I wanted to improve personally and also get my small business visible and viable!!

I didn’t know what to expect and have to confess that I did a bit of self sabotage along the way – but the Mastermind even supported me through that! I feel so much happier in myself and have even overcome some addictions I had which was a bonus as it wasn’t something I was looking to do!! I am in the process of promoting my business which is also an exciting step! Amanda is an excellent facilitator, with enormous knowledge and compassion. I recommend this experience for whatever you would like to improve in life – AND you get to engage with some awesome like minded people that also help inspire…

– Maxi P, Fundala Healing and Mandalas

Over the past 4 months in the Circle Mastermind I re-ignited my light to find my way gently forward.I am facing challenges rather than hiding from them. I’m actively engaged in life, balancing my energy output and rest. I’m speaking up for myself and setting clear boundaries. I’m building a foundation to move my project “Life in your Hands’ forward and step into my vocation as a healing/legacy artist. This is a major shift given I was deeply depressed and couldn’t imagine doing anything beyond basic daily survival when we began.

 I’m so grateful to have ongoing access to all the prompts+resources Amanda shared. Her curiosity and humility offer a safe and powerful container to reach deeply and grow deep roots. Amanda offers curiosity in her gentle invitations to face the hard stuff.

– Fyona, Healing and Legacy Artist

Since beginning the Circle Mastermind Program, I have more flow and clarity in my business and how I am rolling things out to achieve my goals. Things feel easier than before.

And it’s not just about your business. If you are an entrepreneur, or desire to be one, so much of the business is about you. This program gives you the time to focus on you. By doing that, it helps you make sure that you are aligned with what you are doing and how you are showing up in the world.  I always knew my “why”, but over the course of the 4monthss, I think a deeper connection to my ‘why’ was discovered. The program validated a lot of things I was not sure about. The list of things I have to do is still gigantic, but I feel it is easier somehow. And now I make sure I stop and accept the accomplishments along the way! Amanda’ s energy creates such a beautiful space for women who are ready to take the steps to show up in the world. She make’s  space for everyone, no matter where they are in their process .

– Paula, Online Business Owner

Being part of Circle Mastermind was an invaluable experience that supported me to pivot and grow my business in 2020. There is something very powerful about being part of a container where you are gently held to account and consistently called to step up.

The fortnightly calls and weekly prompts worked fabulously to keep me from procrastinating and the guest mentors were a welcome bonus for assisting me to grow in specialised areas. Then the one on one sessions complimented it all with deep dives into specific issues and massive block shifting. Amanda is an extraordinary facilitator, with a powerful presence and a unique ability to reflect others back to themselves, giving massive insight and awareness. There were times where it seemed she knew me better than I knew myself. Combining this talent and level of care with her significant and insightful energetic prowess was certainly a big part of a hugely successful year amidst significant challenges. Thank you Amanda.

– Kim Boswell, The Forever Agenda

The Circle Mastermind Program is the best thing I could have done. I genuinely believe it’s changed my life (that sounds too corny!) but it’s really changed my perspective and changed my approach. It’s made me more confident, it’s made me positive about the future.

I keep doubling my targets and getting new patients. My mindset towards money has completely changed – and my approach to my business. I’ve moved from my business almost being like ‘a hobby business’ into an actual proper, established business. I feel grounded, positive. Everything feels completely different.The money stuff was huge. I lost the fear of money. I feel I went from money controlling me to now using money to grow my business, I’m now investing in myself and my business. I’ve been doing money manifestation and I have more money now than I ever have.

I think that is what you offer in this program is really amazing. You are not doing one (life) without the other (business) and I think that’s really important because we are all busy, we are all juggling families and working and I think that’s why in other business programs I have struggled. It’s not realistic for me as a busy mum, that’s why this has been amazing. It’s enabling you to do that juggle without  pushing the business down or pushing ourselves down.

I wasn’t expecting to do so much work on my self care and on me. It sounds silly but I hadn’t realised that I was so important to my business.I’d never looked at it in that way before. But my business is me so of course it’s really important!

The wonderful thing about you Amanda is your complete lack of arrogance or ego. It was completely about us and helping us. You showed your own vulnerability which then enabled  us to do the same and you’ve just got an amazing ability to really pick the one key thing that needs to be worked on or talked about. You’ve got a real skill. I never felt put down, or negative about myself – even when it was difficult issues that we were uncovering. You were so gentle. The fear of being judged has put me off before. But I never once felt that in this program. Thank you!

– Shona Ferrier, Acupuncturist and Clinic Owner

Beautiful Amanda. As I come to the end of this wonderful time with you and the mastermind group I’m reflecting on how much you have helped me shift.

 I feel so strong in my business and compared to last year I am feeling so strong in all I’ve moved through in my personal life and emotions.

I am blown away with all I have achieved with you supporting and holding me and the other group members in just 1/2 a year. I don’t think I can even list the things.

I have a part-time admin support who is integral to helping me prosper.

I have so much abundance coming in before the school holidays.

I have raised my prices.

I birthed a new teaching course.

I delegated with ease so I could enjoy the fabulous concert.

Omg Amanda. And this feels like just the start. Wow just wow. What you do is invaluable. And thank you.

– Mae Collard

The best decision I made was to work with Amanda as she helped me through my darkest days and helped me see the light.

I found myself. Amanda has an incredible way of healing others and supporting in a positive way. She helped me heal my traumas and move past my blockages.

I’m now making 6 figures and have an awesome caseload of soul aligned clients. I have an abundance of clients and have closed my books. I feel the ease and flow of clients and money comes easily. I can trust the universe to bring me soul aligned clients when the timing is perfect. The difference now is how I have let all that stress go and let things flow. I put my prices up with no guilt or unease. In fact I know I deserve it.

I didn’t expect to have this strength and such high self esteem and inner knowing. I was constantly evolving throughout this course and learning more about myself.Even after the 5 months my growth continues as I now have the tools to help me grow further.I’ve made significant shifts in my life. With the love and support of the like minded ladies in our group I was able to share my stories, be vulnerable and heal.

I am now stronger and manage my emotions with ease.  I am so much more connected to my own intuition and through meditations I have learned to listen to ME. I now trust my own decisions.

Amanda is a superwoman with such amazing healing powers through her Reiki. Her gentle nature and caring disposition makes her the most loving mentor and human. Amanda’s charm, ability to heal others and her knowledge astounds me.

– Marianne – Speech Expressions

I have more confidence. I know that I am capable of running my business well.I am damn good at the work I do.

I find that I am not going into self doubt as much about the business or in being worthy to receive.

I would recommend you! You are considerate and open to helping as best as you can. You are “not in your face” type of person which I resonate with.

– Meghan

Workshops and Sacred Circles

I must say I am extremely impressed with the energy you put into the group and your wisdom with words. Not pushing, nor guiding – prompting clear introspection is the best I can describe it. A true gift.
Thank you, I am so pleased I followed the universal nudges in your direction and ultimately the group.

Stephen – PhD, Emmett Therapist, Reiki Master – Empowered You Immersion

I had always had blocks when it came to expressing myself or believing in myself and they really are behind me and I can move forward with ease, I can stand in my truth with confidence and purpose and I know that the universe will always provide. I have had opportunities of things I have been “thinking” about show themselves to me for me to accept or decline with sooo much ease and the more I accept, the more comes my way. This work helped me see the only thing holding me back was myself and the only one doubting me was me  I could clearly see my patterns and blocks and was able to work through them and release them.

Zoe – Yoga and Meditation Teacher, 2 Day ‘Reclaim’ Womens Event

Can highly recommend this program. Things I have wanted to shift for ages but not known how are moving and dissolving – more space for me and my dreams!

Michelle J – Professional musician, Teacher and Reiki Practitioner – Empowered You Immersion

I was completing my University Thesis…the group and the teachings…..the calls left me feeling so connected and supported and with new skills to manage the challenges that presented day to day….I have never felt more connected to myself than at the completion of the experience! Amanda’s unwavering commitment to supporting each participant was felt throughout each moment. Her warmth and nurturing ways made me feel seen and celebrated along all parts of the journey…. I was able to fully integrate and ‘dive deep’ into myself….I couldn’t have wished for a better programme and practitioner to facilitate my development than Amanda… Life has transformed for me in the most magical ways, and my ability to manage new situations has grown exponentially!

Tori – Social Work Graduate – Empowered You Immersion

“I’m so grateful for Amanda’s monthly Sacred Circle for Practitioners. I’ve been attending pretty regularly for 18 months. It’s such a beautiful celebration of feminine energy and support. I always come away with a sense of peace and acceptance for wherever I am in that moment. I believe it’s been instrumental in the growth and success of my business (including starting and becoming fully booked in my solo practice within weeks!). The women in circle nurture and support me so I can hold space for others.

Jaclyn – Psychologist. – Women’s Circles for Practitioners

Thank you for creating the opportunity for this Master/Teacher experience and for bringing yourself so completely to it. I have always had a great respect for your passion and integrity as a practitioner and teacher, but what you have shared  and how you have shared it with us in this past few months and in the weekend leads me to only respect and admire you more. I’ve never been able to truly thank you for what you and Reiki have done for my whole family so I will just trust that you know what it means to me!

Lisa – Reiki Master/Teacher Graduate

I started feeling shifts in my energy from the moment I booked in. What a wonderful experience, surrounded by strong, supportive & amazing women. I felt completely comfortable to open up and be vulnerable.  This allowed me to acknowledge & let go of all that I no longer needed to hold onto and the second day was an amazing transformation of healing and nurturing. I can’t begin to explain the feelings of being safe, loved, supported & nurtured in this space. It was exactly what I needed to release & reclaim all the parts of me that I needed to. This has given me all the tools that I need to move forward and made me realise that I all that I need is already within me.

Sarah – 2 Day ‘Reclaim’ Womens Event

More love notes from clients…

For me Amanda is the cross between a healer, counsellor and psychic. After a session, I feel completely relaxed and at ease. Reiki has helped me through one of the most difficult years of my life. Amanda has made me through Reiki sessions and what she has picked up through my energy is that it’s ok to be me and feel how I feel. She has given me the confidence to be true to myself. I knew this deep down but she was able to bring it out in me. She has helped heal my heart and my mind. Anyone wanting to take a spiritual approach to life and healing should try this out. I highly recommend it. I love her!

Katie, Upwey

I knew nothing about Reiki before my first session. It was recommended to me by my wife. After I have had a Reiki session I feel like I have taken a deep breath, relaxed and recharged my batteries. It seems to add balance and perspective to my week. I initially tried Reiki as an aid for my physical injuries sustained in a dirt bike accident. Reiki definitely helped but I have found the mental rejuvenation I feel after every session the reason I continue to return. I without a doubt have done and will continue to recommend Reiki sessions with Amanda. She is very aware of people’s individual state of mind.

Mick, Upwey

My decision to seek Reiki healing involved a phone call with Amanda, where I was satisfied with her detailed responses and subsequently made an appointment for a treatment. I was in great turmoil at the time and felt immediate relief during the session. This was followed up with a number of weekly sessions and I am very grateful to Amanda for the healing help I received on many levels and with such warmth and compassion.

Linda, Macclesfield

A dedicated practitioner who gently heals your soul – I highly recommend Amanda to anyone who is ready to move forward in their life in a profound way – your amazing dedication to healing is to be commended, Amanda!

Athena, Rowville

I went to see Amanda in regards to a situation that really had an impact on me. I knew I needed to work through my feelings about this situation but a traditional ‘sit and talk’ with someone was not for me.  I had had Reiki many years before just as an experience and felt quite strongly that I needed to get back in balance and so I went and saw Amanda.  It ended up helping me more than I could have imagined.  Amanda was able to clarify and explain the feelings I was having so precisely that I was able to examine them and move on so much quicker and with a lot more growth as a person than if I had brewed over the situation for months (or maybe years) never quite understanding or being able to put into words the feelings I had experienced. That, in combination with the Reiki treatment, has benefited me more than I can explain here in words.  I now see Amanda a few times a year and find it an excellent way of keeping myself balanced in a busy world!!

Rachel, Rowville

I recently had a session with Amanda to help prepare for the birth of my fourth child. During what was an exceptionally sensitive time of vulnerability for me, I found her ease in developing an instant rapport very comforting. During the session, her ability to identify energy blocks within me was deeply moving. She then skillfully assisted me to navigate energy and issues that I couldn’t articulate verbally. The session left me with a clarity of perspective and practical ideas to support the next steps of my journey. As a mother and birth worker, I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any woman preparing for conscious birth.

Eve, Eltham

I have had several Reiki sessions with Amanda and I can highly recommend her.  She has a gentle and encouraging manner and I manage to reach a deep state of relaxation almost instantly once the session begins.  I always feel her Reiki sessions filter through on so many levels and I look forward to my continued sessions with her.  Thank you, Amanda.

Sharon, Rowville

When I first came to see Amanda for a Reiki session, I had a long history of episodes of depression and my people-pleasing personality and recent life events had also left me quite anxious. I had spent time treating these symptoms traditionally and learning to accept the things I was not, eg. hopeless, a failure, damaged goods. This left me with a feeling of wanting to move forward in life but with no idea of who my true self was or how that person needed to be nurtured to live a contented life. I had a strong sense that the all the answers and the inner strength I needed were inside me somewhere- but how could I connect into that space? Working with Amanda I have connected in with my true self and reiki has helped me to “get out of my own way” and move towards a life that is closer to living my own purpose, than of my people-pleasing past self. Reiki has become an important part of my wellness toolkit and has helped me find and gain confidence in my own inner wisdom and instincts.

Lisa, Emerald

I had no idea what to expect from my session and wow it was amazing! Not only was I completely relaxed during and after, but it also helped remove an emotional block I have had for 22 years. This has helped my self-esteem blossom and my obsession over food diminish to being non-existent, therefore helping me in every part of my life. I have had more sessions since as I love the way it makes me feel. I thank Amanda for making my life so much better. I would highly recommend Amanda who is extremely caring and friendly.

Christine, Upwey