Feel more energised.

Prioritise your wellbeing.

Reach your goals with ease.

With a potent blend of coaching, mentoring, energy healing and evidence-based strategies, I’ll meet you EXACTLY where you are.

I’ll support you to step powerfully into the next level of personal and professional growth and clarity..

I specialise in supporting highly-driven, passionate well-being professionals, coaches and busy humans to put their well-being, dreams and purpose back on the priority list (AND leave burnout behind!).

I’m not currently taking on new clients – but you can access self- paced resources below…

I’ve worked in the area of personal development and healing for over a decade now. I have created a powerful re-alignment journey for highly-driven, passionate well-being professionals, coaches and busy humans to re-connect them to their confidence, clarity and personal power.

The Align & Evolve Process

“Amanda you are the perfect mix of woo & practicality! You provide the right balance of meeting people where they are, nurturing and healing what needs to be tended to, but then moving them – in a sustainable way – towards their goals and dreams.
You lovingly pushed back on my urge to keep striving ahead, and encouraged me to look inwards first, and then to take intentional, inspired action in a way that was aligned with my own energy and wellbeing.

I am far more self-compassionate and gentle with myself. I used to push myself so hard in every area of my life, and berate myself when I wasn’t living up to the (unrealistic!) standards I set myself. Now I am much better at listening to my body, checking in on where I’m at and what I’m capable of, and taking small, consistent steps that don’t jeopardize my wellbeing.

I am backing myself more, trusting my intuition and knowledge, and therefore being more present in everything I do. I also felt I improved my own client outcomes, due to being more present and inspired.

I have changed how I think about myself, about my goals, about achievement – and I no longer think that PUSHING HARD = Success. This is a big change for me, and life and work feels much more joyful now.”


Beautiful Amanda. As I come to the end of this wonderful time with you and the mastermind group I’m reflecting on how much you have helped me shift.

 I feel so strong in my business and compared to last year I am feeling so strong in all I’ve moved through in my personal life and emotions.

I am blown away with all I have achieved with you supporting and holding me and the other group members in just 1/2 a year. I don’t think I can even list the things.