I work with you to reclaim your personal power, trust your inner knowing, and finally heal those overwhelming blocks and sabotages – so you can live your most empowered life.

 Hi, I’m Amanda Freeman.

A Coach, Mentor, Facilitator and Energy Healing Practitioner empowering and supporting my purpose-driven, soul-led clients to show up powerfully in their life and work. My pronouns are she/her.

After healing deep-seated personal trauma and illness – and reconnecting with my inner strength and intuition – I discovered what keeps us ‘stuck’ in self-sabotage, overwhelm and burnout.

And when we can move through that, magic happens.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help my clients unblock and balance their energy and mindset. So they have the clarity and confidence to take action and thrive in life and work – and make a powerful and profound impact in the world.

Where my journey began…

After a childhood accident, I entered adulthood facing a health crisis. Living with chronic pain and depression, I was searching for a way to feel better. I’d always been drawn to natural therapies, healing and therapy. My exploration eventually led me to learn Reiki as a self-healing tool when I was 19. It was a game-changer for my personal healing and spiritual growth.

Soon after, I met my husband and gave birth to our first daughter. While raising her, I continued on my personal healing journey. And by the time my second daughter was born and I’d undertaken even more training. Word of mouth was leading more and more people to my front door. I’d healed so many deep layers of my own pain and was sharing my knowledge and skills with friends and family.

Inspired to take my work to the wider community, in 2010 I officially started my Healing and Mentoring Practice. While I didn’t have any business experience (at all!), I was fuelled by a deep drive and desire to serve. The exact same drive I see in my clients every day! Being a business owner, entrepreneur and space holder is NOT for the faint of heart (as I would quickly learn!)

My practice grew slowly and organically in the first 3 years, as I listened to my clients’ needs and continued developing my healing and coaching skills to support them. And while I picked up the business basics, I also learnt the power of connections, support, relationships and word of mouth.

I soon ventured beyond healing sessions to also Coach, Mentor, teach Reiki, Healing and sacred circle practices, and small business success workshops – sharing all I had learnt growing my practice and holding space. Through my programs and mentoring, I’ve since helped my clients and students create their own successful practices, businesses and sacred spaces, as well as manage their own energy!

Over the past seven years, my focus has really been on holding space for the ‘space holders’ who run their own businesses, well-being practices or who work as leaders in their field. The givers, the dreamers, the do-ers! Highly driven, focused folks who are passionate about their soul-work, but who often leave themselves at the bottom of the nurture list!

At the same time, I’ve deepened my training in coaching and group facilitation so that I am sharing both my lived experiences and ‘best practice’ of both the healing and coaching industries. 

I’ve also been fortunate to share my story and teachings as a guest speaker on podcasts and events, as well as a guest mentoring in programs run by industry experts in leadership, healing and coaching. 

It’s been incredible to support so many people to thrive and grow in their life and work, as they become more deeply connected to all of who they are. Because I believe we need to work with our energy, honouring our full selves and creating a life and business journey to fit – not the other way around, in a trauma aware and psychosocial way.

For me, that’s integrating my list-loving, logical side with a whole lot of ‘woo’ in all that I do! Daring to do things differently, I blend practical evidence based strategy, with energy work, self-care, self-awareness, the mystical and healing – and support others to do the same.

It’s a joy to follow my true purpose: combining energy healing practices with practical coaching frameworks, to bring you the online and in-person programs and services I offer today.

One thing I know for sure is life is such a journey. For a long time, I tried so hard to do it all ‘perfectly’, instead of showing up fully as my true self – and believing that was enough. And having been ‘burnt out’ a few times along the way, I’ve shaped my business to fit in with what matters most: my loved ones, my energy, my long-term injury and my values. If you are also feeling ready to love yourself fully, feel clear confident and aligned. I’d love to support you!

Speaking of values…

Here is a little more about my personal values and beliefs to help you decide if I might be the right person to support you.

My top 5 values are connection, integrity, authenticity, inclusivity and community. 

I believe that sovereignty was never ceded to the original custodians of the land, including the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and the Bunurong Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation who are the traditional owners of the land I live and work on.

I believe that Black Lives matter. 

And that love is love. 

As someone with a hidden disability, raising queer and neurodiverse kids, I believe deeply (and imperfectly!) in making the world a better, more accessible place to live and work in – and in changing the status quo by untangling from harmful ‘norms’ like hustle culture and perfectionism.

I have worked through my own trauma and held space for those affected by trauma with my work. I can identify it very quickly in clients I work with. However, I will always refer on to specialised therapists trained in trauma when this arises. I am trauma aware – but NOT a trauma specialist. Your safety is my priority. 

Anyone who identifies as a woman, trans folks, and non-binary folks are most welcome in my spaces.

Ongoing education: 

I am deeply committed to unlearning harmful cultural, social and business practices and curating brave spaces to grow alongside my clients. I invest heavily in education around issues of anti-racism, inclusion and diversity (and any additional isms!) with educators who are trained and experts in this area.

I’m deeply passionate and grateful to support others in this way as well. Serving those who hold space for others in our complex world is very close to my heart.

On the sacred path to self-healing and empowerment, I:

  • Became a Reiki Level 1 channel – and later a Reiki Master/Teacher – to heal and support my fibromyalgia diagnosis and depression sparked by a childhood accident.
  • Met my soulmate and became a mother to two children, cracking open a whole new part of myself and an even deeper side to my soul purpose!
  • Worked for over 20 years part-time in community pharmacy – supporting dispensary teams and patients alike through my diverse healthcare knowledge and experience. 
  • Learned to draw on a deep inner knowing to navigate work and life challenges, with more ease and empowerment.
  • Trained in the evidence based Emotional Freedom Technique as a Practitioner and Master Trainer, in Sacred Circle Facilitation, Mediumship, Coaching techniques, Feminist Coaching Theory with the Feminist Coach Academy, evidence based Workplace Wellbeing Certification and intuitive techniques to support hundreds of clients all over the world. I am currently undertaking a Diploma in Counselling. 
  • Connected deeply to my intuition and became a sought-after Reiki Master/Teacher for healing and training, as well as running workshops and Women’s Circles in healing and personal development for hundreds of clients on-line and in-person.
  • Shared my journey and expertise as a guest speaker on podcasts and at local women in business events.
  • Built a successful, sustainable, socially conscious business, giving 2% of all my income to charity.
  • Invested in educating myself on racism, ableism and environmental issues – to deconstruct my conscious and unconscious bias, and help build a better world.

By living and working in ways that honour my energy, values, lifestyle and gifts, I can care and connect with others, give back, and leave a legacy

And I would love to support you to do the same.

You are already making a powerful impact with your soul work. 

Here’s how I can help you take it to the next level:

At this time I am not taking on new clients, however you can access self-paced resources below!

I’m also a speaker and podcast guest and guest mentor for women in business.

Here’s my professional bio:

Amanda Freeman helps purpose-driven, soul-led entrepreneurs, coaches and well-being professionals master their energy. So they can overcome overwhelm, self-sabotage and burnout – and make a powerful impact in the world with their work.

She is a Coach and Mentor as well as a Reiki Master/Teacher, EFT Master Trainer, Sacred Circle Facilitator, and intuitive business owner. Plus, she is a regular guest speaker on podcasts and at local women in business events.

Combining the practical with the energetic, Amanda facilitates powerful transformation for her clients – so they can show up and be successful, sustainable and socially conscious in life and business.

Her practical and energetic alchemy transforms services, relationships, well-being and personal reality, elevating her clients service and personal energy to its highest potential.

When she’s not holding space for you and your soul work, you’ll find Amanda at home with her family among the trees in Melbourne, walking in the forest, swimming, drinking herbal tea (with chocolate of course) and learning all things healing, spirituality, conscious business and personal growth.

You’re welcome to use the above bio and below images for promotional purposes, with a link back to my website.