The Power of Celebration in a Life of Purpose

Over the past couple of years, there has been so much disruption to celebrations and celebrations are such an important habit and ritual pursuing a life of purpose. ​When was the last time you celebrated a milestone, a win, or overcoming a challenge?

In our Reiki healing and coaching sessions, I’m often inviting (or challenging 😉) my clients to celebrate MORE in their life and work. Especially the small wins!


Because celebrating helps us to move forward into the ‘next phase’ (whatever that might look like for the situation at hand). It also provides a powerful opportunity for reflection.

And celebrating doesn’t have to cost money either (but it can if you want!).

It can be as simple as going for a walk in nature, catching up with a friend who will celebrate with you, writing it out in your journal, or getting dressed up and hitting the town. The most important thing is to actually acknowledge that you have reached a particular goal. 

You can even ask yourself some simple questions as part of the celebration process!

For example:

  • What did it take to reach this milestone?
  • What did I have to overcome?
  • What lessons did I learn?
  • What did I love about the journey?

Without celebration – we can get stuck in an endless cycle of doing and achieving and we can lose sight of how far we have travelled from our initial dream, goal or intention! It truly is a powerful way to connect us to our lessons, blessings and even our sense of identity and to help yourself heal by yourself!

On a personal note, last week it was wonderful to get dressed up and celebrate my daughters’ high school graduation (I’ve shared a picture of me and the hubby below!) It was the last milestone to signify the end of her school journey, and the beginning of her next chapter. I had the most intense dreams afterwards too as I processed all the mama bear emotions 😭🙌🏻

What are you celebrating this week?

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