Why it can feel so hard to create alignment in life and business

Why it can feel so hard to create alignment in life and business

Let me guess – you love your business like it’s your baby. But even though you love what you do, you’re still feeling burned out, exhausted and overwhelmed all the time.

Firstly, this doesn’t mean that you’re not meant to be in business or that you have to give up on your dreams! It often comes down to the expectations we put onto ourselves.

For example, your to-do list might look like:

  • Make breakfast for the family
  • Check and answer emails
  • Pay employees/contractors
  • See clients/work on client tasks
  • Do social media posts
  • School pickup
  • Take the kids to their after-school activities
  • Cook dinner

But typically we only have energy to do 3-4 big things in a given day, and that’s assuming you’re full of energy. If you add in a flare-up or a sick child, it shrinks your ability even further. So you end up falling behind constantly and wondering what is wrong with you and why you can’t get it all done.

It’s so common for business owners to squeeze everything humanly possible in – except for the steps that refill our cups and energise us. Basic self-care such as taking breaks, moving your body, meditation or journaling are the first to go when the schedule gets busy.

The problem with this is that it sets us up for burnout and overwhelm. Because you’re constantly falling short of your own expectations, you always feel like you’re running behind. And the more behind you are, the more you cut out the habits that help you to feel better.

Does this sound like the merry-go-round you’ve been stuck on? The good news is that you can get out of this rut and rediscover your energy and passion. All you need to do is make the changes that allow better flow in your day and your business.

How to set your life and business up for flow and create alignment in life and business

Figure out your version of success – Even if our goals are similar, we all have a different vision of what success means for us. For some, it’s a specific income level or lifestyle. For others, it’s about running a business that pays the bills and still having the flexibility to pick the kids up from school.

There’s a good chance that it will take some time and plenty of tweaking to reach that level of success. Remember, failure doesn’t mean you need to beat yourself up for not being good enough. It simply teaches us what is not aligned, and encourages us to seek another way. So if you’re feeling exhausted, drained and miserable in your business, look at where the energy is being wasted, and make changes accordingly.

Determine the best way for you to make it happen – if you struggle to get up at 5am and get things done, don’t do it! Instead, figure out how you operate best.

For example, you might need some time in the morning to sip your tea, journal and centre yourself before you get into work. Or you might need to break your work day up into chunks – 2 hours, then a break or a walk, then another couple of hours.

I can’t work nine to five, Monday to Friday, as my fibromyalgia simply won’t allow it. After years of feeling guilty about not being able to ‘pull my weight’ as an employee, I’ve been so grateful to craft my own business. Mind you, it took time for me to ‘unlearn’ the rules that I was unconsciously applying to working for myself too!! The limitations of my body squashed my dreams until I was able to honour working in a way that works for me.

Now, I set up my days in a way that aligns with my body’s needs – not because I’m lazy, or can’t be bothered working hard. Instead, it is because when I do this, I’m more productive, I’m more aligned, I’m able to serve my clients deeply without guilt or the feeling of not being enough. I’m able to have a greater impact with my work, and earn more money.

Remember – it’s great to seek inspiration from how others set up their time, but don’t copy it simply because it works for them. Give yourself permission to find your own best way.

Surround yourself with people who are doing the same – this will remind you that you have your own unique needs and priorities with your day. When we’re surrounded with people who design their business and life around their energy and flow, the easier it is for us to give ourselves permission to do the same.

Before we re-align, we need to look at where we are now. This allows us to take steps to design our lives to feel in flow and aligned again! Download your free energy audit HERE.

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