Reclaim your energy, focus and momentum.

Clear the old patterns that are holding you back.

Step into prosperity and alignment in your life and business.

A potent combination of deeply healing energy work, mentoring and inspired action taking. Delivered in a fully supportive, sacred and personalised container just for you! 

Welcome to the safe, sacred space where you can finally (and easily) break those repetitive patterns that are holding you back from upleveling your life and business.

You consciously know the energy, flow and success of your business is determined by your personal energy.

You’ve most likely experienced those moments where your energy is clear and balanced, you are motivated, and you magnetise clients, abundance and opportunities easily!

And honestly – as a deeply self-aware woman – you’ve already done so much work to get to this point. You’re most likely most of the way there in making this sense of alignment a consistent experience!

Like most women I work with – the chances are – you know you’re a little off track somewhere, but can’t quite make the shift alone.

Let me help you master your personal and business energy in this specialised intensive and achieve the inner and outer success that you know is possible.

I’ll meet you exactly where you are (and I promise I won’t be adding more to your to do list in the process).

By the way – there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you! Nor do you need to be fixed. The truth is simply that:

You are BUSY. You are so busy that you keep putting yourself last on the to-do list, even though you know this is not what you want to be doing.

You can feel the edges of the patterns and blocks that are ready to shift – but can’t quite seem to shift them yourself.

You know that clearing these layers of old patterns and blocks, and making some changes will get you to where you want to be – but you just don’t know where to start because you are ‘in it!’.

I’ve been here too – as have so many of the women I work with.

You might also feel that…

  • You have that familiar feeling of being exhausted – even though you fully believe in work life balance (that’s why you started running your own show in the first place right?!)
  • You are So. Close. To the next up-level. Whether that’s more clients, more aligned clients, sharing your newest offering, or making more money – but you keep sabotaging the next step.
  • You ‘know’ what you need to do – but whilst you are supporting everyone else – there is no-one dedicated to supporting you! And it’s overwhelming trying to know where to start!
  • You’ve realised you are 100% sabotaging what is possible for your financial abundance – with money blocks and self-sabotage patterns trying to run the show.
  • Your boundaries and self care have fallen to the wayside just trying to do ALL. THE. THINGS.

And yet you are truly wanting that sense of deep alignment between your life and your work. So things feel easy.

I see you. I feel you. I am you!

It’s time to look at supporting and understanding YOUR energy, what is going to work for YOU in your life – and throwing the rest away. So you can show up with energy, focus and reach your goals and dreams with ease.

Imagine going from…

‘Same old’ patterns/blocks/sabotages.
Stuck at the level you are at.
Work life balance out of alignment.
Disconnected from self and purpose.
Money blocks.


Unstuck! Clear and focused.
Healing and releasing all that is no longer serving you.
Shifted energy, mindset and inspired actions.
Self-care back on track.
Re-connection to self and purpose.
Flow of abundance and prosperity.

Imagine you…

  • Make more money from your soul purpose knowing that you have the tools, healing and strategies that support YOU to be of your highest alignment and service, always. You’re able to be of deep service as an entrepreneur, no longer being held back by fear or self- sabotage.
  • Run your sustainable, fully aligned business without burning out or compromising your own personal vitality in any way.
  • Attract a steady flow of soul aligned clients that are ready to show up fully to work with you and who gratefully pay your fees. You have created more ease in all aspects of your business, with less stress, better outcomes for your clients and more referrals.
  • Transform the dynamics of your personal and business relationships on all levels through healing your own inner wounds, blocks and stories (as they arise!).
  • Are now free of ‘shiny object syndrome’ and the opinions of others as you are grounded and aligned in YOUR purpose and direction.
  • Have said goodbye to procrastination and hello to the key to business success: consistency! You have fully reclaimed your personal energy so that you can vocally and visibly share your message and promote your services with ease and potency. Invisibility cloak begone!
  • Move forward into the unknown with confidence in this held space, taking new actions and developing new skills exponentially faster than you ever could alone.

The money stuff was huge. I completely lost the fear of money. I felt that I’ve gone from money controlling me to actually using money to grow my business. That was a huge mind shift because I never felt I could invest in either myself or things like websites and stuff because I wasn’t earning the money first. I’ve been doing Money Magnet manifestation and I’ve been much more positive about money AND I have more money than I ever had!” – Shona

“I asked my bookkeeper to send me my Profit and loss statement and my business has doubled its gross profit in 12 months!”

“What you offer that encompasses both business and life is really amazing. You’re not doing one without the other. we’re all busy trying to juggle families and working. I think that’s why I’ve struggled with other business programs. it’s not realistic. That’s why this is amazing. It’s about being involved but it’s enabling you to do that juggle, without pushing the business down or pushing ourselves down” – Shona

“It’s your pace that you go at. Everything happens in real time, with all your wonderful, messy, tiring life going on throughout. In fact, the way it starts to gradually feel like Amanda’s ideas, prompts and advice is part of the whole ebb and flow of life, makes it easier to keep integrating what resonates for you, even after it ends. – Michelle

“Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards you for all you have done to support me this year. You have helped me change my life for the better, heal and become a stronger woman. Thank you for being you. I feel so much more centred in my life’s decisions and ready to tackle the world as well as embrace the beautiful life I have created. I feel stronger and more in my power than ever before. I feel capable of tackling life’s challenges. My life feels more balanced and I feel more in control, my relationships feel blessed. I feel so much more confident in money and self care”.

I would recommend working with Amanda for anyone. She helps you move through your emotions, allows things to come up and be expressed in a safe and kind environment. She is like your secret super power in life. Genuinely invested in her clients and wants to watch them succeed in life and move through challenges with grace and ease. She is a gentle mentor who moves you through to your goals and aspirations without feeling at all rushed or pressured. Amanda is very intuitive and knows how to help you as an individual no matter what challenges come up. At the start of the process lots of emotions came up and I didn’t expect to feel so deeply through the process. But Amanda was there to explain going through the muck was part of the process and helped me every step through any overwhelming feelings. – Mae Collard

If you want to get out of your own way and feel totally energised and aligned in your life AND business I have something for you.

Prosperity and Alignment Package

12 weeks of bespoke support for your energy, mindset and inspired action so you can feel totally energised and aligned in your life AND business, for inner and outer success!

Prosperity and Alignment Package Inclusions:

  • 1 x Introductory Session to find where we begin.
  • 5 x 90-minute Zoom healing and mentoring sessions.
  • The Energy Audit – to clarify where your energy is now and where you would like to be
  • Business Healing Session – Yes! your Business needs healing too!
  • A dedicated Messenger channel support between sessions for implementation & integration (up to 20 min per week)
  • PLUS: ‘Energy and integration support kit’ – access to a curated resource library with techniques for maintaining personal energy and empowerment, based on your exact needs.
  • PLUS: Access to The Meditation Vault
  • PLUS: A little something in the mail from me (who doesn’t like a little snail mail?)
  • PLUS: Weekly Accountability Prompts to support your staying on track

There are three main stages in our work together

Set yourself and your energy up for success

Over time we can find ourselves doing things that no longer serve us in any way. Our energy becomes depleted and our life, family and work can begin to suffer! It’s time to get that sorted quickly and simply. We’ll begin with a short Self-Care and Energy audit and find out exactly where you are – and where you want to be.

We’ll clear any blocks in your life and business that are no longer serving you with potent Reiki and Energy Healing.

And we’ll identify patterns, stories and any misalignment in values and beliefs that are currently holding you back, and get them re-aligned for clarity, focus and momentum.

Call in your dreams and align your actions.

Often it’s not until we know where we are, that we are able to know what we want. These mixed messages within our mind and energy are what is so often holding us back from stepping into our biggest dreams and goals.

We’ll dive into what is truly calling you, what your true version of success looks like and clear any limiting energy blocks, patterns and beliefs around success, money and worthiness.

Set your sacred boundaries and Embody all of who you are

Having clear and aligned boundaries for your self-care and your business are key components to managing your energy and your business without burning out!

We’ll define how to keep your energy strong and explore what rituals, habits and practices work best for you to stay aligned (and throw out the rest!). Reclaiming all of who you are, and honouring what works for YOU will have you standing in your personal power and flow in your life and work like never before!

We work simply, gently and potently – exactly where you are at this time – and with the time and energy you have available.

All of this happens gently along side all that continues to unfold in ‘real life’. I know you are busy! We’ll use the tried and tested energetic and systematic processes that I have used with hundreds of clients since 2010! There is no hustle, or push to be anyone other than who you are. In fact – as you unlearn and re-align what is not working for you – you’ll experience shifts and flows in ways you could not have even imagined (and faster than you thought possible!). All with gentle accountability and support.

This work is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to transform all that is no longer serving you on all levels, but you don’t want to ‘push’. You want to HEAL and EVOLVE.
  • You are ready for healing and transformation as you navigate your ‘full’ (busy!) life and business.
  • You are ready to feel more aligned, more empowered and connect fully into your ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ success in life and business.
  • You are ready to honour all of who you are and stop sabotaging your success in life and business (especially as you up-level and grow!)
  • You are ready to reclaim all the lost parts of yourself.
  • You feel ready to do the inner work required as well as being supported and nurtured by me.
  • You are ready to launch your offering/run your business/create magic in your world, burnout and overwhelm free!

This may not be for you if:

  • You are not willing or able to do the ‘inner work’ at this time.
  • You are not ready to take full responsibility for your part in the healing process.
  • You would feel under financial strain by investing in this package at this time (please note – reduced rate places are available – see below to apply)
  • Are not open to learning new practical and energetic techniques to support your experience.
  • Don’t have at least an hour a week to dedicate to implementing and working with what unfolds within the journey.

The Bonuses

Energy & Integration Support Kit

Access to a curated resource library with techniques for maintaining personal energy and empowerment, based on your exact needs.

Access to The Meditation Vault

A range of short meditations covering your energy, money blocks, self-care and more to support you along the way.

Weekly Accountability Prompts

Gentle support and accountability to ‘get things done’ AND ensure your energy and wellbeing is supported too.

Plus a little something in the mail from me

(who doesn’t like a little snail mail?)


Q: How and where will we meet?
Each session is a potent mix of healing mentoring.

Prior to our call, I will send through the Distance Reiki Healing component.

Then, we will meet on Zoom for the mentoring component and bring together the healing insights, the shifts you are experiencing and discuss anything we need to integrate or implement for your inspired action!

Q: How long will it take for me to see results?
Great question! Everyone is different. Most people will begin to notice subtle shifts and make immediate changes but this is deep work. That is why it is set up as a minimum 3 month container. By the end of 3 months you should notice significant differences from when you began on whatever it is you brought to be worked on. How quickly things shift will depend on factors like how much time you have to implement and reflect, and what we are working on. Energy and mindset work can be fast – but, depending on the nature of what we are working on, and how long it has been a block or pattern – it can take some time to work through. If you want overnight results without doing the inner work and taking responsibility for your part of the experience, this is not the right offering for you.
Q: I just don’t have the time.
I have created this offering especially for busy people. There are no modules to wade through or homework tasks that will take up hours of your time. The shifts you make as we go along, with actually make taking inspired action easier, and the things we work on will be done in ‘real time’ with the time you have available. You will need about 30 minutes to an hour each week to reflect and implement following our sessions.
Q: I’ve changed my mind, can I cancel?
I have a 3 day cooling off period whereby you can cancel at any time. This is a 3 month package to support you through all aspects of your journey from the ‘i love this!’ to the ‘it’s too hard’ and everything in between. Refunds outside this will only be considered on a case by case basis.
Q: When can we get started?
We will arrange a start date when we connect about working together. Availability will depend on my current client load. I only work with 3 Alignment and Prosperity clients per month, so I can fully support my clients without burning out 😉
Q: What results will I get from this?

Results will vary person to person and depending on what we are working on but – previous participants have –

  • cleared persistent money blocks and created new relationships and stories with money resulting in more income.
  • cleared seemingly un-related personal issues that resulted in huge professional clarity and income shifts.
  • created simple, yet powerful life changes that have given them energy, clarity and the ability to up-level their life and business without overwhelm.
  • overcome patterns that have been in place for years to finally create that website/offer/business that they have had in mind and been unable to previously achieve.
  • recovered from burnout AND created an impactful business that felt fully in alignment.
  • released baggage from previous workplace experiences that resulted in fast action and powerful outcomes in the current role.
  • overcome a major online trauma experience to write a sell out book and go viral online
  • more ‘present’ time with family and consistent down time for socialising and fun – as boundaries are re-established and procrastination and overwhelm is reduced.
Q: I don’t know if this is right for what I need at the moment?
Let’s chat! Happy to jump on a call and see if this is a good fit. This is not for everyone and it’s really important to me that it feels like a good fit for you (these calls are 100% sleaze and pressure free!)
Q: Do you offer payment plans?
Yes I do offer payment plans at no additional cost to you.
Q: What is Reiki?

You can find out more about reiki HERE.

Q: How does the Distance Healing work?
Using the distance healing method, I use Reiki to first clear and balance your energy. Reiki is a profound ancient healing energy that knows exactly what is needed for your mind, body and spirit to bring you into alignment. As a medium and intuitive, I may also receive information through images, words or sensations from your energy. The best way I can describe this process to you, is that it is as if I am having a ‘conversation’ with your energy and your higher self while the Reiki does it’s healing work.

Through this process I am then able to pass this information onto you for you to identify, clear and heal any underlying blocks, so that you can understand why you are ‘stuck’ and out of alignment. This is not a ‘psychic reading’. I am simply listening to your energy and passing back anything I notice or that is presented to me as part of your healing session.

When we connect for our follow up call, I share with you what your energy shared with me about what you needed for your healing and you share with me how you are feeling and your own insights. From here I can support you with you any additional mentoring, tools, techniques or strategies to support your healing. This conversation can assist you to make a conscious connection as to where (and often why) you are out of balance/stuck/overwhelmed.

With these energetic healing shifts and increased personal awareness you are then able to take the healing benefits well beyond the healing session itself and back into your day-to-day life. *It is important to note – that sometimes I may not be presented with any information from your energy – sometimes the Reiki just needs to do the work and you will feel the shifts in your energy accordingly.

Ready to get started?

Paid in full

AUD $2997

Payment Plan

AUD $1000 per month