Reclaiming our own inner equilibrium whilst the chaos of the world unfolds

Can we say no to hustle and burnout? A question to help you decide

The consensus from so many of my clients, colleagues, family members and within myself right now is that we are holding a strange and seemingly never-ending tension within us.

We are all simultaneously waiting for life to get back to ‘normal’.

Whilst also consciously knowing, that it’s a ‘way-off’ yet.

And I can’t even begin to describe the level of resilience I’ve witnessed in my fellow entrepreneurs, the mothers, the front-line workers. In everyone really!

People Showing up time and time again.


For 18months now.

And it’s really.

(I’m not even writing this with a solution!) I just wanted to say:

💜If you have days where the determination to put food on the table outweighs any fear or uncertainty for the future, and you do ‘all the things’.

I see you.

💜 If you have days where you show up unequivocally for the people in your life and work – when your own tank feels completely depleted.

I see you.

💜 If you’re thriving amidst the chaos, whilst holding a sense of ‘survivors guilt’, and wishing you could help all the people struggling.

I see you.

💜 If you have days where your productivity has vanished completely and simply getting dressed and keeping your kids alive is all you’ve got.

I see you.

💜 If you are feeling there’s got to be a better way for us all to navigate this, but you have no idea where to start.

I see you.

We are in a time of such duality.

We can trust that something good will surely come out of this time,

and have moments of feeling utterly broken by it all.

We can have days where the focus is completely gone, and then others where we are showing up in our full strength and power as small business owners/parents/partners….

It is both.

It is all of it at once.

An opportunity for growth and a time of discomfort.

💜Wherever you are on the spectrum of it all.

I see you.

Our truest power is in reclaiming our own inner equilibrium whilst the chaos unfolds.

To find joy and ease where we can,

To honour the shadows as much as the light,

and to stay open to what goodness will come after the storm 🤞🏻

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