The 8 stages of the Launch Rollercoaster

The 8 stages of the Launch Rollercoaster

If you have been in business for a little while, you might already have experienced that ‘launching’ can be stressful. Whether that be sharing a new offering, a new website or promoting a new program (and whether it be your first launch or your 50th!)

There is something about the combination of putting ourselves ‘out there’ and trying to reach a specific goal – that when combined can bring up all of our visibility blocks, old stories about self worth, and money blocks (just to name a few of the things that can make it a stressful experience!). In a nutshell, the Launch roller coaster is REAL!

The good news is – it CAN be less stressful (if not stress free!). It just takes a little awareness and pre-planning, and then all you have to do is ‘show up’ and do your thing.

Knowing the most common things people describe feeling during a launch, can help you to know you are not alone in this experience, AND give you the ability to ensure you are fully prepared and supported for whatever stages present themselves to you in YOUR launch.

So here are the 8 stages I have found to be most common in my own experience and with the clients I support. Keep in mind for some people, it’s one or two of these – and for others, it’s all of them! Every person and every launch is unique. So take what you need and leave the rest…

The 8 common emotional and energetic stages experienced during a launch:

#1 I’m so excited! Ready to share it with the world.

#2 Can I really do this?

#3 It’s out there – freaking out!

#4 Comparing your progress or product to others as interest builds:

“I’m not as good as them…”

#5 No one is buying – what if no-one buys?

#6 People are signing up – yay!

#7 Cart is almost closing – what if they don’t like it, or not enough people join?

#8 Cart is closed – I’m exhausted/I’m excited

If you’ve launched before, you may have experienced one or many of these in the journey of sharing your work and calling your clients in! 

Because we are each so unique in our life and business experience (and launch experience!), the best way to have the most easeful launch that you can is to go through each of these stages and identify the best way to support YOUR energy for each.

To get you started, I’ll share with you some suggestions for the first stage…

#1 I’m so excited! Ready to share it with the world.

This is where you have the inspiration and the vision and you know you want to share this with the world. So what can you do to set the energetic foundation and anchor it in before your cart even opens?

1. Ground your energy

Grounding your energy and being open to receiving ‘more’ can help set you up energetically to ‘receive’ as you begin your launch. This minimises unconscious blocks or ‘lack’ energy from holding you back! I have created a short meditation which invites you to expand what is possible for receiving. You can download it HERE

2. Identify YOUR version of success

Identifying YOUR version of success is a powerful way to stay aligned and true to you. It’s often during a launch that other peoples ‘ideas’ and strategies will suddenly present themselves (hello Shiny object syndrome!).

So get clear on what your goal, or version of success will be.

Will it be a dollar amount, number of people who sign up, the way you want to feel, the impact you want to make (or all of the above!). Make sure it is your version and not created in alignment with someone else’s vision or values.

3. Create a visual Anchor

Once you have set your dream income and/or number of clients and write it down! Add blank spaces (or post-it notes) where you can write the name of those who join, or colour in spaces on an image for each sale – depending on the size of your offer. You can even create this in the form of a vision board if you prefer. Having something on paper helps you to see and track your abundance as it arrives!

4. Create an Altar

Dedicate a shelf or small space where you can put affirmations, the name of your offer – and your goals/anchors for who you wish to call in. Place anything in that space that feels inspiring – words, flowers, crystals, oracle cards…Anything that creates a sense of sacred abundance and alignment. Visit this space regularly to help you stay focused not just on the ‘doing’, but the energy and feel of what you are creating too.

When it comes to navigating your energy and reducing stress, it’s not 1 specific thing that will make the launch roller coaster smoother, but more-so a range of tiny actions that can support you through each stage. Planning for your energy as deeply as you plan the emails, platforms and promotions is truly a key component too. You are the most important part of your launch!

If you’d like to dive deeper into the other 7 stages – you can grab my Launch Energy Support Kit HERE.

Or you might like to listen to a recent podcast episode I was interviewed on that talked all about this HERE.

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